Women need love


So the continuing learning is the Periodic Table of relationships of understanding of humility of anxiety.

We’ve all had our discipline we’ve all understood what we must do we’ve accepted those things which we cannot believe but the female body is one thing I am pretty much willing to believe the negotiation of life is a negotiation of death but we make no exceptions to our sexual pleasures or our intimate fantasies.

I’m happy to always learn new things to always experience something new in life I’m happy to look at the view of something new from something old I find pleasure in the happiness of extending life through sexual pleasure.

There’s nothing stronger nothing more gratifying than a smile or a look of Happiness over a female’s face the woman who takes the hand of the man who forever and then defies himself to love her cherish her give her pleasure at all cost is that the man will always be her Treasure Trove of intimacy and fantasy.

Romance is not a given its own learning romance is a growing number of oddities in life and yet no female has ever understood what true Oddities are like an orgasm or a moment of pure ecstasy in their head that is what they look for when they look for a man that moment of pure ecstasy that runs through their head the day or the night before they have that pleasure full night with that man.


Amen skin blood bones arteries veins and body parts all connected all put together by man the bone of a man the stem of a woman the bones many more than a man has or all put together just the same the arteries the capillaries of the body connected for pleasure find their way so does pain through female body but in that is pleasure is Delight it’s happiness if done right.

Female autonomy female Rose is all of what we want female expenditures that we look to the eyes the ears the mouth the pleasure Center of entertainment the conversation for men and women they look at the but they look at the front of a guy we look at the top and the backside of a woman ecstasy true autonomy with each other true understanding true orgasmic touches.

Tether to a leash of pleasure and intimacy of life’s finest art and the most beautiful thing you can ever see is a naked woman standing fully nude in front of you ready for love a man standing with nothing on in the nude in front of her ready for anything pleasurable and delightful to each other’s bodies but for one night the happiness that glows or forever be said that love took its place on the man and the woman the woman shares the most beautiful sounds of romance.

Just as a man shares the most conservative sounds of pleasure with her but they both want the same they both want to reach a point of pure ecstasy an orgasm of many levels a cosmic kiss reached in the hands of Mother Nature with a woman and the man Never Letting Go always keeping it going and one done both happy both satisfied with each other both a ton of my chest to the body touch to the body’s feeling both warm sweaty and ready to rest in each other’s arms.

I will submit to you that the happiness of one feels is much more than what a man feels and that is why I tell you the Tethered to a woman is the greatest feeling of all and you will never know unless you try so don’t give up give them that autonomy give them that orgasm give them that happiness that they seek because for that they will forever be happy with you. In their eyes in their body and their heart a female body is the perfect cinnamon to love and the perfect ! of a man.

Complemented by woman’s Kiss by holding hands by wrapping each other up in each other’s arms and Never Letting Go in that night love is total experience total intimacy total ecstasy total autonomy with each other.

I love you says it right there with you and her wrapped in each other’s arms wrapped in pleasurable ecstasy and autonomy together.

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