I love you


I’m going to use my imagination cuz it says be imaginative so I’m going to use very imaginative.

So you stand across the room looking at her eyes glowing over the fact that you falling for this beautiful tall sanding woman who’s about five seven maybe 5-6 and that’s perfectly on your chest she goes for a hug she shares her moments with you you go on a couple of dates and then when it’s time you decide and she decides to get more intimate.

So your imagination runs wild your expectations run everywhere and you start looking at her body imagining what she looks like with no clothes on thinking of you how sweet she might taste with your lips touching every inch of her body her legs her feet her abdomen her chest and all those things come to mine but you still respect her as a woman.

And she asked and wonders the same thing except she wonders how your ear will taste or how your kiss will be for the first time and then the woman comes when it’s all on the line and all you can do is make the best of it.

I’ve always had this imagination of taking things so limit so here comes the limit of which I take my imagination.

The man starts by kissing her neck in that warm dry room where the only thing that’s going is the music in the background and preparing the shower.

The woman starts by grabbing his hands and his arms and in bracing herself into his body pressed firmly together not even a penny would fall.

In the man Works her his way around her neck kissing every inch of it even through the hair her long luscious blonde brunette hair.

And she slowly turns to him their lips coming close together she goes in for a kiss. His lips touch yours caressed by the softness and by the smoothness she forgets it’s a kiss and she puts his puts her arms around him helping him to untuck his shirt and remove it slowly from his body.

He flexes his muscles as he picks her up and carries her from the bed to the rest to the bathroom so softly setting her down removing her blouse beginning to undo her blouse from her body slowly she begins to undo his pants unbuttoning them and slowly removing them from his legs his muscles flex and she kisses his stomach and then he begins to remove the stretchy leggings that she put on slowly and he starts to slowly kiss across your stomach down her midline working his lips and he starts to slowly kiss acrossed her stomach down her MEDLINE working his lips all the way down one side tell the leggings come off then he done does her chooses she’s lying and softly begins to work his way back up her stomach kissing every inch of it.

So if your imagination works you know how the rest of it goes and if you don’t I’m just here to entice you to turn out the best of love and what is beautiful about love is when two people can make each other so happy that nothing else matters not the music not the noise outside but what’s in their heart and how they share.

And also how the undress each other. Because that is truly the most beautiful thing that you can do for a woman and one other thing you can do as much as she compliments you remember you have to compliment her too so it’s not just you it’s her to the love you guys share will make the difference in the love you guys have and in that night you will learn everything you need to know about a woman right there by sharing the intellectual moments of sexual connections and Pleasures with her right in that night of ecstasy and love and the word I love you is what that will entail for each one of you.

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