For Real


For real the only thing that’s not for real is what you don’t do at the time you fall in love this is for Real.

I said this was for real so love is a real thing so is accomplishment so is female pleasure so is the fact that 75% of women never have climax or orgasm in their life.

And in fact of that 75% only  30% came very close to it but never actually achieved a full climax or orgasm.

You want real facts you want Real Results well these are the results of the search that I have done and I would be pleased to have anybody share their understanding or whatever they want to know.

Cuz I can tell you what for real real is seeking the ultimate Thrill Ride real is giving the ultimate pleasure real is being real with the woman you’re with and real is completing the tasks that you brought forth in the area of satisfaction and sexual encounters..

A pretty high number of 75% should put any man to shame and I know it has put me there because I wouldn’t rather see a woman orgasm and have her smiling and happy and warm then have that 75% hanging over my head now I don’t know how many of you actually admit to it but that 75% is pretty large cuz of only 25% that possibly have had an orgasm or climax fully after having a male sexual encounter..

Love and Happiness

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