Teasure the Female body


The clitoris has approximately 8,000 nerving endings, which is more than anywhere else in the female body.

Those three words are go along way right along with every other word that comes with courtesy and kindness and the respect you show to each other’s bodies especially a woman’s body.

So my idea is to seek the woman who wants to get pleasure and not just half pleasure but full pleasure I want to see what a woman has to offer when I can give her full on acquainted pleasure and make her climax every time she comes home and has a smile on her face I want to see a woman that can smile with dignity and humility and be happy with the type of pleasure I’m talking about..

Cuz I want to prove that 25% wrong I mean that’s one of my goals I want to prove that that 75% is false but it has to happen with more than just me I want every woman to have that unconditional pleasure feeling that unconditional happiness that any woman deserves even if it’s Friends with Benefits I want to prove it wrong and I want to I want women who feel comfortable to have that happen to them I want to see how many women can without a question feel comfortable having a man give them the ultimate pleasure..

By giving them the ultimate pleasure you take their minds and you love them for who they are and then when they’re ready they will go further and the friends you will become good friends at that point when they are ready for you to indulge their body cuz their body requires lots of love affection and attention and the pleasure that they seek is to be taken over the top of the mountain and down the other side and to be happy with that pleasure beyond what any man may think of pleasure I want the women that would feel comfortable with that to know that my ultimate goal is to have the best friends of pleasure and give only to those who feel they want it the most.

Cocina love you two people to a woman and meaning it is the top goal but saying I love you and standing by it and giving her the ultimate Thrill Ride is important to because you have to course you have to understand and you have to be very positive about what you’re doing with her I’m not asking for money I’m not asking for an income I’m asking for entertainment I’m asking to entertain the woman’s body her Pleasures her delightful warm comfortable emotions that I will love to share in.

Absolute Total humility is what I’m going for Absolute Total respect of the female body is what I’m here to offer Absolute Total respect for the personality and it’s not taking anything it’s offering her something more special it’s like a massage except you’re massaging her from the inside out and on the inside her body is going to feel good and on the outside her body is going to feel relaxed because it is a great relaxation that when she gets to that point she’s going to be happy for the rest of the night and for a long time.

Cuz when you continue to offer her that type of pleasure that type of intimacy into her life it rotates in pretty soon it’s not just her taking it it’s her friends wanting that type of Thrill Ride it’s her friends one in that type of pleasure and that will make the Friendship grow and also have respect and show kindness and love to balance the attainable goal and I want to have these females because I want them to also be a part of doing Instagram shows getting them talking about the pleasure.

Getting them to talk about themselves getting them to integrate themselves into entertainment getting them to entertain you guys showing you guys that love is more about the woman then sometimes the man and that if this guy can do it then why can’t you sharing those details of a massage to encourage better encounters ..

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