New come polical arena of Life my view points

I may be just a little bit out of the political Arena or I may just be losing it totally but in my realm of possibilities I do not see how a community leader such as president Trump can go on Twitter and politically Bosch everybody else.

I really do hate to say this but isn’t being a eye on America doesn’t that mean that you have more responsibilities than just sucking your thumb and whining about the stuff why don’t you go out and make a difference that’s what’s been wrong with America the president sits in his office and b****** about it but it does nothing about it..


This is how this idiot got away with what he got away with and now we’re presenting that same option to president Trump if we do not stop this is bad government from running over the top of us there is no change coming soon I realize that but Trump stop bashing America stop bashing what you don’t know and get out there and do the job

Our failed attempts at building a business are done it is time we succeed at something it is time that somebody run on the basic grounds of either it gets done or doesn’t and that’s what we should run on making America great again is not going to work it’s called get it done or get fired and I would start by firing every single person who’s been in there over 10 years and a party that is so fiddled and fickle with Scandal it is time to start firing and rehiring new people new people to take the place of these old fogies who can’t seem to do the job.

I have no respect for people who sit on Twitter and whine about oh well Trump has done this Trump hasn’t done that or sit on Facebook and whine about it there’s a job in getting done and get out and do the damn job yourself let’s make a smarter election stop making people stupid and stop voting how you feel if you feel like you’re voting in a repeat drama then don’t vote.

I realize America is in the s****** but we’re voting on our feelings and we’re not voting on the rights of a mini Americans which we should be doing every American has the right to vote that’s true but every illegal doesn’t have the same right as we do and we just stop giving them them rights and they’re not here legally there is illegal they need to be tossed out of the country We Want to Build a Better America it starts when we take it back our American jobs it starts when we take back what we know to be right and starts when businesses big businesses start to see that hiring illegals to work for them is against the law.

And it’s also time for us to start looking at the viewpoints of our younger Americans is some younger American take the reins and let’s see how well this country gets in shape because I’m going to tell you what if I was running for president I will be the first one to go up in that office and see I want to meet with every Republican Democratic senator there is an congressman and I don’t care who you are I don’t care how long you been there I wanna meet them

We can’t solve this country’s Problems by bitching about what doesn’t get done and what does get done and what doesn’t happen does happen we can’t solve them like that as the Democrats are in a democracy hell-hole and let him be there but there’s going to be a few hundred people get fired and a few hundred people get hired and not by vote by executive order it’s time we take back America and put America back on his feet it’s time we did get law enforcement to do the job they’re paid to do and stop Philly f****** around with other things that are not really much of a difference..

If a government’s not going to work for us and let’s do the work for the government let’s start electing the younger generation to do the job and let’s get people in there that make the difference if every person who is 35 or better would run for an office and make the difference that needs to be made and let these Party politics go to the Wayside and put everybody on notice that the younger generation is stepping up then good it’ll mean A change is underway and the government’s going to fall to the younger generation and that means we start making changes immediately .

We can put the power of Social Security back and what belongs with the Social Security Administration and we stop dipping into the fun and we pay all the money back over the next 20 years to make sure it gets done cuz that money belongs to the retirement and the people who have worked very hard for that money $30,000 earn from one person can get somebody a lot of bread and you pay a lot of bills and it’s time we stop having the federal government dip into what should be a private organization and be one privately by the people.

It’s time for consistency and it’s time for a change 500 million billion people live in this country there’s not one who can understand what this country is going to go through if we don’t make the change now.

I want to know is there one person who would offer up $500,000 and runt help a younger person run for presidential office help the younger generation finally put a foothold what it needs to be help those young children who want to be in the government be in the government and fund them for what they’re worth because that’s where the changes going to begin that’s where people are going to start seeing that the younger generation 8 as stupid as the older generation would like to think it’s time we put our grandfathers and grandmothers to rest and it’s time we start building our own country.

We let them live on retirement let us make the country run let them do what they want to do for a change and the younger generation around the country it’s time we take these and bassadors these cars in stars out of this totally stupid democracy and put some actual talent in there to do the job and nobody wants to do it I’ll do it because I’ll start firing people that don’t do the job they’ve been paid to do and it was called her back and forth and then you’re fired..

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