Business entertainment

You could disagree with new laws for taxes, maybe this is the opportunity for the new entrepreneur or businessmen or women to start up new business in Oregon,

By February the new laws take effect and you really wanna make difference thus I’m here to start that crews into the new year.

See I found it by reading the whole lot and not reading bits and pieces of it I can attach them quite a lot of sense and so I’m taking the opportunity like everybody else should just start a business, Because that’s the opportunity is been given too many of us.

See I’m seeing the opportunity here for a business I haven’t seen the opportunity that the tax breaks for sent two people like me and the opportunity for people who need a job to actually have a job and have more money in their pocket this opportunity if not taken correctly could be misunderstood is more tax hikes.

But I’m looking to create a business entertainment center with a lot of different fractions and many different layouts but the minimum start-up cost is right around $10,000 and that covers everything from start-up to completion to seeing it finished.

Start itemize description of purchase. That be used for the business.

Laptop to create new business include a business optimized business plan and affiliate marketing proposal. 
*Business planning ” include a full budget plan for business plan

$1,500 Promotion & Advertising 
Social Media and website building with professional help to get the affiliate marketing program start at a general center for Entertainment in Sports and Movie building a Center for Charity including International support Komen and the Make A wish and also anti-bullying Campaign.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter video recorder to help me promote my entertainment what type of entertainment I want to bring to other including non-Profit program.

X PlayStation 4 game
X Live Event & Television Event
X Paid Per View Event 
X Video Game live Event

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