New Show: Making A Difference in America

I am pushing for new idea and better building tools for new business and also opening these states that need the business building tool. this including Social Media and App building tool for Google Android and Apple App Store, It will be progressive move to create change for America Small Business..

I wanna give people the real view and help my state change for real by pulling together a board of Directors. I’m wanting to generate the best in business and people income. I am real about make changes across the United States..

Board of Directors:

1 Building Proposal’s to create a budget, New Homeless, Cutting Taxable Income by 5% over the 10 years.

2 Working to build better Small And Large Business income Taxable Income rate reset in Oregon.

3 Blending to bring new Plan forth to present United States Government for better Economic removal of Wasteful spending. Making landmark changes across the government of Oregon.

4 Advertising and Affiliate Marketing plan would help Build Good Budget and Presenting Budgets

5. Board of Directors would be important part of this plan and Proposals project create with for people.

if you wanna know more just follow my blog as i build this company and my new business..

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