Talking Points for Tonight YouTube Show

I am bring you new point of talking point and i am really pushing the simply point to bring out the best media post for news and ethic and moral news story, it my thinking if you post something you better make a real news posting.

KEZI 9 News

Has following it affiliate is posting on ABC News and Happen to believe that if you want real news you make real fact points in regards what the media read. it been one of these Media are somewhat bias to our Country..

I am going to be the first website to post real news feed and keep my social media active with Real story happening around the World, This i am continuous trump the Media bias with real clear feed and i will not give any media a platform to openly not report real News story and cover the news with unbiased opinion.

Media Bias: CNN has prove that they don’t fair reporting standards, It come from their left wing bias hard Democratic line with CNN. Some how i think CNN is creative using their station as bashing points for any conservative.

You really don’t have go far to know that CNN isn’t news network. it a popping with blasting the other media network including Fox News and or Shane Hannity when you fine that media bias has coruppet a News Network like CNN it time you make public how you feel about the bias media hate speech.

Real Media: This Real Media will have complete coverage balance report and fair reporting across many things in United States Entertainment including Social Media and Real News reporting across many website platform of media and Live Media Reporting with no Bias and no Hate speech.

I am going to trying make sure when my entertainment network start we give a fair and balance approaches to giving the people a open platform to express they view and give the completion a real run for their money by shutting down the bias media and returning to fair and Balance report and create Real Talk on Balance Talking Points across all of media including social Media live shows.

Media cutting edge off the Bias out

Weather you watch it on tv or read it in the newspaper or listen to it on radio . this will my way of cutting the bias journalism that is happening with media outlets in the United States. We need to return to a fair and balance standard of report and it’s is important to assessment how you the view gain control over the news and point of view i am building with the people help..

No more Bias on this Network

No more hate speech on this Network

No more one side reporting on this network

No lopsided reporting in media on this Network.

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