WWE St Louis MI Monday NIght Raw

If you thought the WWE was Crazy then you mis read the Q Card at the start of Every WWE Event anything can happen on Raw and SmackDown Live. Tonight Monday Night Raw was No changes to that Rule of Anything can happen .

St Louis Mi: Lit-up with Greatest Royal Rumber this Friend live internationally. and it promising to be the most WrestleMania era feel to this Paid Per View. And if the biggest Event Internationally didn’t have you talk you should have seen the power of the Braun do his number on Kevin and Sami tonight on Raw.

Breaking News: The hasn’t reported anything but one of the female superstar was injured in main event and One of other new superstar got involved in the main event Mickie James did a baseball slide and nail her right in the back of Ronda Rosey during the Main Event on WWE Monday Night Raw..

Now this the WWE greatest power is when it come together great charities like Make-A-Wish, Susan G Komen and more to let people live out their dream so in honor of World Wish Day being this Sunday April 29 2018 i would send out helping Hand to get people to donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation for World Wish Day let grant some awesome kids some wishes this Sunday 29 of 2018 .

I would like to give my prayer and love to Barbara Bush who pass away this week and was buried on Saturday in Dallas TX and send my love Former Presidents Bush and his Family.

But tonight we honor the other hero who inspiring people to be there best in everything they do and here is Mr, Bruno Sammartino who passed this last week and update check the WWENetwork.com for life and times of the greatest superstar that ever lived as sold out the Madison square Garden in New York City 6 times as a Professional Wrestler,

We honor both the legendary status of Barbara Bush and Bruno Sammartino cause in their made them self greatest people to ever live on this Earth and Will truly missed but with love and Admiration i send you prayer and may you bother walk though Heaven together to watch our Generation..

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