Watch “Brandon WWE Raw & 205 Live-WWE 2K18” on YouTube

YouTube Live SmackDown Live & 205 Live May 1st 2018 WWE2K18

Stuttgart, Germany had 2K18 Game live with 205 and many other great match and left the crouserweight in the best position with new champion and also great main event for 205 live and SmackDown left with great main Event all on the WWE Universe ON the WWE 2K18 video games

Akira Tozawa has become the New Cruiserweight Champion and it was not for nothing he head in to the Elimination chamber with 7 other in the hunt to get his title this this Sunday on WWE Universe in 2K18 video Game including the Elimination Championship for the WWE Championship and Raw Women title will also be defend in the first Female Elimination chamber Match.

Rivalries BreakDown in WWE 2K18 in WWE Universe including how the Top 20 superstar Rank in the Power Ranking happening every month.


Skinsuke Nakamura & Finn Balor

VS. Apollo Crew & Mankind

Remark Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor are making big Impact as a Tag Team Competitors, so what could be call biggest shake up it all happening on WWE 2K18 Video Game is have action happening inside the Universe mode with great Competitors stepping up their game plan this all happening against Matt and Jeff Hardy in the WWE Universe Mode of 2K18 video Game..

The Big Vs Undertaker is making for great rivalry in the WWE with the Big Show Tempted dark Forces by calling out The Undertaker to a Face-to-Face confrontation. In a Tense exchange in front of the crowd, Both Superstars exchanges promises and Threats of Victory at their coming WrestleMania Match !

Stay Tune cause you for change in my Universe mode at anything or anytime going forward..

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