My Top 5 Celebraties inspiration “Point of View”

Let with number 1# Joyce Meyers

Mrs, Meyer is inspirational to be love by God and she is one very special women.

Let go with number 2# Duane “Dog” Chapman

Your know better as Dog The Bounty Hunter and his who life has been change by leading the fight for good life..

Let go with number 3# Sean Hannity

He fox news host of Hannity America and he inspiring honest report and give true news view.

Let go with number 4# John Cena

WWE Superstar made him very special for his say and the tagline “Never Give Up” real America strips and he share true love of Country America and Arm force that what though is that “Never Give Up” attitude that I share with John Cena.

Let go with Number 5# Laura Ingraham

Yeah I’m at Laura Ingraham she has the Ingraham angle on her show that’s a great angle I mean it really puts into Focus real life situations and it gives you a perspective of what Miss Ingram is all about.

So there’s my top 5 celebrity pics for most inspirational people now I know that celebrities should be fun and talked about but this is my blog this is my point of view and this is what’s going up for my Friday welcome to my world ladies and gentleman Real Talk Real News Real conversation. And a real point of view my view Brandon Vaughan View the point of view that I see works best for me.

I encourage you guys to email me anytime I encourage you guys to talk to me anytime on social media be asked question that you want to ask because all I answered in my blog ask question do you think your friends might want to see asked a question that nobody else is willing to ask except for a few short-sighted pinheads out there that are just out there to ruin somebody’s life.

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