Brandon Point of View this Friday

How can you be so close off about the great acceptance of South Korea when i think of what didn’t happen with Former President Obama and what i am learning about Hillary Clinton and this Russian Prob by Department of Justice Robert Mullah.

I am very impressed by Donald Trump and what action he has completely created a peace talk across Country in Korea to put end on Korea War in South Korea and this mean That trump will meeting in June 17 2018 this year..

Let move to next topic of this week.. I am bring you my WWE Universe Mode at WWE 2K18 and so this Friday i brought the first round susan G Komen match up for title and my bell 2 Bell will live at 12am/3et only on YouTube..

I am going to bringing you more YouTube by hosting more then anyone is ready for by introducing more show right here on YouTube Shows and i have a long list of new show looking for models and new actor to make the new show. and having fun making entertainment for all of you on YouTube.

Shows like

Brandon’s Point Views every Friday on YouTube

Brandon WWE Universe Mode Every Wednesday on YouTube

Bell 2 Bell Covering WWE Week on Saturday Morning on YouTube

Stay Tune for More

Brandon WWE Universe Mode come and watch and part 2 will be coming soon

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