Bell To Bell for WWE Universe From London United Kingdom

We are covering the Live action of the WWE from London in the United Kingdom in England. I am looking forward to war of world about the International Tour with great Event Taking place in WWE Community.

I am looking forward to Money in the Bank on WWE Network when coming from WWE talent is picking up there game for Money in the Bank ladder match and the key here sit at the of the ladder with title match at some future title shot.

WWE Monday night Raw was live from the O2 area in London when this next Monday they stateside again in Long Island, New York . and i am looking forward to scoring interview with few of the WWE executives soon to see what make it worth going overseas for 2 weeks..

I have the top 5 list of WWE Superstar who Top Talent inside the WWE Superstar .

1. Randy Orton is one of the many great top talents in World Wrestling Entertainment, He has made total story out of WWE Future Hall of Famer like Triple H & John Cena and Celebrating his Life in the World Wrestling Entertainment as Total Talent Top tear level..

2. Whole women Superstar have become a top talent pick for WWE and the World Wrestling Entertainment and you can see them on WWE Monday Night Raw and WWE Tuesday Night SmackDown Live and NXT on Wednesday Night on the WWE Network

3 AJ Style is coming as super kicker for the WWE top Talent roster for Tuesday Night main Event and He made a Top Talent for beating the best the WWE has to Offer in superstar like John Cena and Shane McMahon, For i feel that he has made real effort to progressive move up the ladder of Success..

4. The Uso have also powerful driver in the WWE of the Tag Team, it become real sight to see new star born in the WWE and taking to ring really well…

5. Roman Reigns have made real clear about WWE Title held by Brock Lesnar in current Raw Manager has no clue how elevate title held by Brock and i don’t know how Brock can even be a committed SuperStar when Raw and WWE Title treat so differently by Raw Management.

From Bell to Bell we’ve want to tribute to Returning WWE Superstar Bobby L. and his return to Monday Night Raw has been talked about by many in the WWE.

More to Coming Soon

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