Point of view Scandal Spygate part 1

Phonies or just Bad seeds in Governorment?

Fancy it’s just like bad apples we never can get rid of them but the truth is is it the American people have a right to know and that fancy so pretty well picture Spygate one of the biggest breaking stories on the TV right now has the people in the picture above listed yes I know it sounds cold but the Democrats use American dollars didn’t tell anybody lied to the American people and used a phony Russian dossier to get Trump spied on by top leaders at the FBI and what does that mean for us will Payne mucho bucks for a failed phony and Russian collusion by the FBI.

The lot of characters in this but I can name two the two lovebirds name struck in page those two sent text messages emails and classified information to each other to talk about what have been happening inside the Obama Administration and what POTUS wanted to know now that if it was anything else would be a failure in the government of breakdown of numbers or breakdown of messages classified information taken outside the FBI headquarters in DC and how does this apply to Hillary Clinton’s exoneration by James Comey.

I never took any classified information outside of the FBI headquarters and all the memos that I wrote will not classified to my knowledge James Comey

And that’s what he said in every television interview from CNN to MSNBC to Fox News to the Liberals in the newspaper New York Times whatever you read whatever you want that is what he has said confirmation from the White House States otherwise nothing should have ever left the FBI.

Hillary Clinton a presidential Run for the Democrats

The same one who said she had no confidential information on her cell phones or pdas or anything like that and bleachbit and acid washed all the information and took a hammer to her pdas just to cover up thousands of emails that the FBI uncover.

James Comey the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

The man who single-handedly wrote the exoneration paper for Hillary Clinton who also never even recorded the conversations in the interrogation room with Hillary Clinton. Spent nearly a half a million dollars investigating what they found to be a real threat to the American people Hillary colluded with the Russians and this man Let Her Go free basically wrote her exoneration and never even asked a question.

struck and Paige the two lovebirds at the FBI underneath James Comey.

classified information was taken outside the FBI both struck and Paige will ask by James Comey to keep president former president Barack Obama informed of the investigation into Trump and the Russians this as more information was unfolding about Clinton’s email Scandal millions of email information and informants or uncovered. where she had her own hard drive built in a basement .

so is this Spygate unfolds as a Mueller investigation is due to come to a close on September 1st of this year you have to ask yourself did Mahler collude with the Russians to get the information he has did the federal government lie to a bunch of judges to cover up what could have been a real Russian collusion case against Hillary Clinton James Comey struck and page and all the other ones who stood to gain from Hillary Clinton winning the election but when she lost big time and got the eyes.

I stand by my decision that I made but riding her exoneration there was no proof of any I stand by my decision that I made but riding her exoneration there was no proof of any type of confidential information James Comey

so I’m beginning to find this whole task TDS and investigating but I’m learning a lot about our federal government just like I learned a lot about the police I believe that when all is said and done is going to be a treasonous charge placed against President former president I should say Barack Obama I believe the Hillary Clinton is going to have trees and placed on her too and I believe that there’s going to be a lot of people going to jail and we’re going to see a lot of in handcuffs turning themselves off to jail not collecting $200 not getting a dime but facing treason miscarriage of Justice.

stay tuned there’s going to be a part 2 to Spygate Scandel

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