Point of View: Real News in Failed Report and Late night Cheap Shots

On The War Path about Trump & Fsmily

You media would spread lies to keep what Sean Hannity and are my Deep State of Fake coverage.

Im here to give you the people truth behind Deep State of Democratic Breaking Down and Powerful are becoming know for who they are.

Is cynicism was a concrete cure for what’s going on in the Democratic party then there’s a real problem because they’re burning themselves out with these celebrities who want to take cheap shots at real news and they can’t seem to find their way out of that fake news process

So just 3 weeks after Melania Trump went in for surgery assertive celebrity named Samantha Bee who is 48 years old who lives in Toronto Ontario Canada who hosts the show called full frontal on TBS decides to use words that describe Melania and she doesn’t think about her ramifications video recording celebrity trash like Samantha Bee is exactly what we’re getting out of these left-wing hacks that are burning the party of understanding to the ground.

Roseanne Barr got banned from ABC for racial tweet on Twitter and ABC News network reflected that by saying that the reason they banned her was because of her constant violation of Twitter use.

A painted up lies when I call it ABC is always been a non-conservative non real news conversationalist and they always take the left his point of view and then use it to their advantage by invoking their own opinions by taking advantage of fake media that CNN creates and they only use CNN news when it’s benefits their anchors.

Skepticism isn’t a cure for communism and stupidity is not a cure for fake news.

I’m giving you the real news the real conversation and the real point of view about what’s going on in entertainment today and if you don’t believe me ask social media and put it out there as a broad question because I’m going to tell you what entertainment is now made up of totally fake news like Samantha be like Oprah Winfrey free and people like that who take cheap shots at political hacks and then they take cheap shots at our United States president Donald J Trump has faced cheap shots from and get he has a shots with a lot of velocity for Comey he does not make it for Hillary Clinton he does not make excuses for cheap talk on late night television and he will not support the process.

Hillary Clinton was found with a hard drive full of classified emails and a basement in a shop that were selling homemade Mom and Pop’s sandwiches and a restaurant so tell me something how is that real about being honest with the American people and then finding out that over a hundred different devices were smashed or destroyed by Hillary Clinton because of classified email information on her cell phone that she did not turn over to the state department at Secretary of State during Obama’s term.

Part of Point of View spyGate Part 2.

So we continue on this roller coaster of Spygate and yet I find myself deliriously wondering how did Hillary Clinton get in contact with a billion dollar Russian to write a fake dossier that got into comey’s hands then got into a whole bunch of other people’s hands and the justice department was ready to indict Donald J Trump before he was even in office President elect Trump didn’t know anything about it and James Comey struck and Paige both were in on the Spygate they were spying on Trump officials and Donald Trump’s campaign team.

And yet I still have the question of how did Hillary Clinton get a Russian to write a fake dossier all about Donald Trump?

And Moller continues to push this Russian dossier as collusion on behalf of Donald Trump but the collusions already been done talked about it’s been said there was no collusion and yet yeah I do it again I put the question to Mueller how are you going to prove collusion when it was Hillary Clinton that colluded with the Russians to get that dossier on Trump?

Remember it was Donald Trump who brought up the phony Russian dossier and he said it was falling from the moment he stepped into the White House his Partners his campaign Team all knew that the Democrats were against him but before they could run him off the campaign Trail they had to do a little number on each other so if you’re looking at collusion look at Hillary Clinton look at president. Look at President Obama look at all these things that are going on and Secretary of State Clinton when she was secretary she was doing a lot of things. That President Obama did not know about so I have to ask myself where is the end of Spygate.

I Did it Once Again Point of View SpyGate Part 2.

A unique set of words I did it again once again I have proven than Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians to get a phony dossier on Donald J Trump to demote a lot of Democrats out of office because of Wicca Wiki leaks and the continuous growing expectation of fake media continues to cover fake news CNN cannot give an honest opinion about anything and yet they continue to cover the fake media fake news like it’s real they give their own personal objectified opinions to what should be a clean clear-cut case of news.

Remember it was Wikileaks who leaked dollars emails about Hillary Clinton’s team to the FBI it was Wikileaks who leaked all those emails about the Democrat top Democrat officials who were colluding with Hillary to run all the other Democratic elected president officials out of the way to clear the way for Hillary Clinton to become president to break the glass ceiling to promote more fake news and take away our gun rights as we know it.

Now we talk about Donald Trump he’s had a lot of success while he’s been in office he’s done a lot of things that nobody else is done he’s created tax revenue will income renewable in come to the United States I might add he’s added more than half million new jobs to an already stabilize the economy and now he’s talking about Tara of on major Metals into the United States and these other countries are like having a fit the European Union the Chinese the Russians the Canadians they’re all having a big fit about this tariff tax on aluminum and steel but yet we have one thing that we are not work on and that is a fair and balanced trade agreement between all these countries.

Point of view “For Real”

So the classic conversation continues and yet I just have to wonder is it just me or has a case already been made to go out and arrest Hillary Clinton for collusion with the Russians has Donald Trump done so much that he’s totally erased Obama’s first term in office and we’re going to race in his second term as he executive order gone out the window with Obama and yet left so many people with jobs with great tax lower taxes and a better way of life in America.

An answer that question I would say yes for real he is done it like no other president has and he’s brought a lot to the table and he’s offered a lot of compromises along the way but the one thing he has not done he is not talk softly to the Korean Peninsula he stood up to the Little Rocket Man and he got what he wanted he got the talks he wanted he got the negotiation he wanted and if it happens it will be on June 12th in Singapore when Trump sits down with the North Korean leader and South Korean leader to talk peace talks denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

So I’ll let you decide thank you for reading this please share your comments please tell me what you think and I’ll be back here next Friday with all new point of view and probably a part 3 in my blog about Spygate.

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