Point of View: Life and objectify Relationship

Truth about life always changing always rearranging.

And if the truth scares you then real life is going to frighten you.

And if love makes you run then you’re going to be running for a long time because you need to love yourself as much as they love you..

And the fact is is it there all creating a generation of understanding and compassion.

receiving the kind of understanding and direct conversation that comes from life’s Fortune is always a challenge but understanding that is even a bigger opposition to life and when you understand true life you understand true love.

when you practice the art of understanding and you practice the art of love you also practice the art of many different acts of understanding and actions very often repeat themselves in life.


Objectify: This in matter of pleasure and affection in any case its love with no conditions.

Each and every time you think about it you justify your moments in life and you rejected by the one thing the love you having your heart mind body and soul and how you work like that love is most often reflected and how you pick your friends.

Good food is another guilty pleasure and it always seems to come at just the right time when you’re unhappy or disappointed or something like that that makes you very happy. Some never say that you cannot find a guilty or just a flat-out pleasurable moment.

I’m sure of this in a relationship.

Their a diameter of pleasure of relationship and sexual pleasures is admiration of understanding of emotions and a physical passion. With real commitment to each other body pleasures and sensation.

More to come soon.

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