Equality Right and Life

We’ve made statements or remarks on unreal the right are people and the light you cloud believe that their certain type of believing it is Fair to violating people right is good.

The violation of people right is obstructive not very equal right.

See my rights are upheld by Constitution and for that I am very thankful cause also have rights under the Bill of Rights are induction of Laws and rights.

These rights and Law long been discounted by many in world of Press and Media.

This Blog is going to be reporting that will make real news go on forever and will also have the point of View of real News..

I’m Pushing any media in sports and Real Media Coverage is always welcome.

This is my point of view coming up a blog post two talks about inequality among the people the Bill of Rights the Constitution and the articles of which we live by everyday a national conversation that has been brought up more times and not and In God We Trust is in question..

But this is what love is this is what True Romance under the law is this is the picture of love and when you find it you’re never let go let in equality be your judge let equal rights be your examination but remember we all live by the same rights the same rules the same Constitution the same Bill of Rights as far as our partners and the love we have for the woman in our lives with a man and all eyes does not exceed the love we have for each other as human beings.

Their is More to come soon!

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