Lawmakers versus lawbreakers

So no one’s told you yet to left is out to destroy every law there is in the US Constitution and I’m willing to do anything to do so the left wants you to believe that Donald Trump is to blame for all the mistakes the left want you to believe that Donald Trump is the one who made the laws that he is enforcing right now do US Constitution is no longer an article of law but article of war.

So do the Democrats honestly believe what they’re doing is correct and legal?

Do the Progressive Democrats honestly believe what they’re going to commit to is lawful and right?

If you’re a Democrat you’re not about to like this post or this point of view if you’re Republican you’re about to throw up all over your shoes because you’re going to hear the truth the truth about everything that is going on in America right now that has us at odds with each other.

There’s a great saying by Sean Hannity The Snowball Effect every time something hits trump it reflects back the doj report proved it once again when they show that the Democrats lied and got involved in a federal investigation John Comey is full of lies.

How do we honestly evaluate our country the United States of America a great place to live but yet we continuously have these border debates about how people are supposed to live and then the DHS the head of the DHS secretary Christian Nelson is of what is totally picked on how is that right and yet because they don’t want to hear it.

As a matter of opinion Christian Nielsen came out and said that it’s the law it’s what’s on the books whatever is on the books is supposed to be followed and yet these anti trumper’s seem to be taking personal shots and Progressive shots at the Trump Administration and they don’t want to sit down and actually talk about it. They want to be children children get punished children learn a lesson when children learn their place in line they know where they are supposed to be these damn Democrats have no idea what’s going on cuz they don’t care up Chuck Schumer doesn’t want to do a damn thing to help him he just wants to make sure he gets paid.

Political Border Wars political politics and DC and yet it’s the Border were fighting about when we don’t Safeguard ourselves against MS-13 at all these despicable people that they have out there these despicable in conscionable people who will run these gangs like MS-13 need to be stopped and yet there’s Democrats out there who are dumb stupid and blind people are dying because of their ignorance.

I said they got a home anti-trump movements and I say that if the Democrats want to be like this why don’t we why don’t we as American people those who believe in the Constitution those who have fought to defend the Constitution take one big step and go to DC and sit at the Senate steps and say you’re not going home until you fix the Border what if we go to our state capitals of all states what if we took up a whole day on television trying to get these people to see what they’re doing to us for once what if we took over the television station and said Democrats you want us here’s the conservative party why don’t you come on down here and listen to these people how about the mothers and fathers who have lost kids to MS-13 along Mexico border.

people are dying Democrats in MS-13 is the cost of life you say you want open borders I say we don’t you say you want to protect us but you’re not protecting us by not changing the Border laws you’re making a war out of this just because you want to stand up and be big strong and tough and stupid well big strong tough and stupid why don’t you do something about it instead of sit on your ass playing yourself get up and do your job that you’re elected to do.

I have no words to describe how I feel about these people who want to sit back and act like children you know I wish I had a big television Studio cuz I get a lot of people in there and I start telling okay tell the US how you feel tell the people in Washington how you feel let’s get them on television.

is there any kind of American if you served in the military you should be appalled at what you’re seeing and Washington you should be telling your leader so you’re not going to serve them if they are going to serve you and you should be telling him hey you know we serve this country we have a right to protect our families and any MS-13 come across that border you better hope that they don’t come in my house because and killed by me to protect my family.

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