Lover and Or hater

You can love who you are but at the same time you can also hate for your becoming at is the difference between a lover and a hater.

So can you dignify I love her and I misunderstood friend or can you only dignify a hater?

A political figure that has started out of hatred and lies and disrespect that is a hater The Continuous fight between lying media and CNN is a proof positive that hatred runs deep in the liberal leftist media.

I will suggest to you proof positive of three things won a fair and balanced media report would serve a lot of people good if they would actually listen the truth is is it there are no fair and balanced media judges who can judge a fair and balanced report.

1 facts don’t lie criminal mistreatment of lawlessness and conflicts of interest and bullying people out of restaurants is a unacceptable really just on thinkable thing to do to people.

Two facts Camp fix the truth when you report something on National Television your reporting income whole world and as they see it and the Liberals by it every single day if you continue July distract be dishonest and that is what MSNBC CNN have all created is a dishonest media Network

Third and final critical facts in a good way you can be upfront and honest with people and in a bad way you can be dishonest and lying to people but at the end of the day the truth is is that you’re checking every single thought you’re overlooking a big gap in American news media.

So before you go contesting the national Media or Hugo contesting Trump’s workers or his employees or his press people allow me to make a fact to you liberals remember what you do to people can be done to you just as bad by conservatives and I hope every conservative Media Group that is out there will pretty soon start to revolt against the left is overhyped overachieving bunch of people who think it’s okay to lie cheat and steal the truth from others and I hope that the contest begins when people start contesting what the leftist is doing to the conservative media.

Hillary Clinton, she out she out and out with bald-faced lie to the American people Donald Trump he told the truth and yet he is the one who is facing impeachment but don’t let anybody tell you that because they don’t want you to hear it and the media is so far out in left field that they’re willing to do anything to protect their friends.

When the whole investigation into the email Scandal started with Hillary Clinton the FBI’s head of the FBI James Comey already had written and resolved her of any criminal charges so she basically didn’t even investigate her for all those emails for Bleach bidding all those devices for deleting millions of classified emails and yet it was James Comey who wrote the exoneration on Hillary Clinton.

This some more facts for this Hillary Clinton bought and paid for to stay in the election against Donald Trump she ran every Democratic lie every cheat every 10 horn out of the election all because of one lie she told and she helped it with conviction there was no question it was a lie a lies lies lies lying no matter how you look at it and when the political boundaries are crossed when people are starting to get removed from office or booed out of customers consuming restaurants the question really becomes how far is this too far?

Too far is destruct disgracing the flag training upside down burning the flag and many things that have been going on in this country are proof positive that it is unacceptable I am so glad that the conservative media report the truth as they see it cuz that’s what needs to happen is true people need to start recording the truth as they see it and the truth is is that if the Liberals would just take 2 seconds and look at this whole situation they would realize that there was a problem in the media CNN MSNBC NBC CBS and ABC need to all be shut down and redone remodel around a new media platform remodeled report the truth.

I mean having opinion that’s fine but when you start using your opinion to judge or fact and actually lied to the people on your new site or on your news you’re lying to yourself to Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN come on every night and all he can do is trash Trump and you know he didn’t trash Obama when he paid over half a million dollars to foreign a foreign terrorist company that gave back a couple of soldiers they didn’t trash him for doing that but the conservatives did and they got hounded for trashing Obama..

So you want to run the story about this for lunch if you want to come find me you can I’m in Eugene all the time and I look forward to facing a liberal head on a line liberal vs conservative honest truthful person right here in Eugene I dare anybody to come face-to-face with me because I’ll State the truth and you can’t deny it cuz all you can do is without lies and counterfeit the truth in your own little way. And I ain’t no damn baby sitter so don’t expect me to play nice..

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