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James start in program and a Facebook page hiring for very special types of names first is the peace prospect I need five woman 5min total of 10 people from across all 50 states to come together but the perfect peace program this administrative opportunity is a team start program which will hire all across this United States for publishers riders and new beginners come on Facebook and polish an article about a good program they’ve heard about it in their city or state in the United States.

Team Start Design

I understand if you start to be a under going process of many people get one desire one goal Walter mentally team start is an anti bullying campaign.

This program and it’s many passes that it will have well I’ll come out to be one identity one thing, to every destiny and that is blue do one is best for business at every possible turn Brandon’s point of view blog will be used as a multi facet it team start publishing this multi faster did multimedia James start program Ohio 10 people from Oregon him people across the state of Oregon to work together to build a better team start.

These 10 people were consist of 5 mens 5 women each one of them a special a death to what needs to be done and will be hired under a very clear cut idea that work and understanding and common campaign promises must be of help.

5 projects in 1 years.

First project will be the anti bullying campaign a push in schools in in the state to make Bellini legal and it active crime across America I hate crime you might say.

The will be no major for it it will just be a hate crime and police and the state should treat it as such and as I hate crime it is chargeable under penalty of the law.

If it is going to kick bowling if we’re going to win and stop this hatred we have and he’s bullies the don’t know when to stop then we need to step up and do more serious circumstances damage to the bowling that means we need to use what is really at our means to stop

This multi facet attentive anti bullying campaign will be more of a way to bring a major change to the legal definition and cooperation of the law.

2nd project a way to create business in America especially in the state of Oregon

This will be a project well I were hired 25 people qualified business like people who want to help create business in America and then Oregon and to help create this business the first major business announcement will come into years when a website lunches that will fit your my name and my business of entertainment.

How the entrepreneur skills of young America is far and few between but young America and the Millennials must achieve a understanding of focused business and prioritize what they want in life so I apologize this is a move along way of team start to writing plans and getting use to the ideals of projects and business plans.

Business is a proposal the business that you want will have to be in a proposal and we’ll have to draw a big enough number of people who want to do it together I Ohio or total of 100 people who will be working right beside me as volunteers to make these things happen to make positive peaceful unanimous change in Oregon and a confirming sounding yes we can do this together.

Project number 3 pleace in America

This project will be working with team start and many other companies to being peace across America and since we have gave pride Day in America this will be another one of those parades where America’s long time standing military why would opportunity show off their experience for having option to show off a piece of Americana in America and together with speeches and team start businesses will finally get the opportunity show off their skills and they’re power of doing business and Oregon.

American peace is what it’s going to be the driver for business in Oregon American peace across is country is going to be the driver in any state across he’s great 50 states.

So this is a piece motocross America this is a piece for Gigi coming to light for everybody else to see the peace forged will be the people who want to work together to build a better America they want peace and Liberty and justice in America.

And this like everything else in America this is our first three projects as I hire and get volunteers I will be doing a lot of work I will be out there pushing speeches getting speeches put together but I will not have people who don’t want to do this together this is not about party this is not about voting rights this is not about how we vote this about how we deal with this out of control very dangerous political landscape that the Democrats and the Republicans are creating.

For the first time I am reaching acrossed a very wide birth of a river looking to close that birth with a little bit of a peace Brigade a March there will go from here to Washington DC they will house peaches in each state there I’ve rally’s they will try and proud of people to work with us to make this happen and along the way we’re going to make friends and long way we’re going to make enemies but a peace Brigade long the way we’re going to make those enemies are friends because we’re going to work with them and show them what a really can’t do in a short time

thank you and they’re will be more on this Team Start as it develops

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