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❗❗Broken America Dream🇺🇸🇺🇸

Point of Interest: History has way of Repeating it self. and my history has proven that with my respect and kindness has been the upside to me and my key talking point. so i am making point in fact that after so much disrespect i would be humble to understate the key fact of this case. and more then intellectual community of conversation has been dialog to me in many difference study.

America History has and was a sign of goals and peaceful completion of milestones in our life. and benefit to completion of history is remember that people have the same market and scares as the history has shown and been witness to for many years . and when we balance our time line we all must be understanding of that stones we have turn.

in 1990s we saw the information of LGBT movement and one that has be sign of change for America Equality for Changes but we still call it a fashion statement because when i be raise gay meant your were happy and in a good mood and now it been turn in Mark on Americas. People in America still their problem with statements made by Alt Right or Alt Left .. Because we have not accept change in America so in this Fact you can be really of Life changing time.

In 2000s we write on Movements a cross America and to this Day we still a sexes wars going on in America and the Truth of the matter is that women have offer no idea to settle this wars on Words with America. And Our Country has be Progressive leader in lying to America People and other Countries.

So now believe that America isn’t worth the time of Change and Women still battle over equality and their hate has gone to new lows in America History. They never grow up to realize that America was Fair & Balance Levels..

In 2016 we saw that Clinton factor was major coverup among real DNC in America and Socialize is now a dreams if we are to move forward in America and more to the Point the cost of Living will without up by a factor 20% over the Next 10 year if we don’t get control of our Spending like Donald J Trump is Doing now. And the Taxation in America is be remodel by Trump and \the people of America Wave of making America Great Again.

Let me solve this Battle of Sexes with two key Goals In mind

1st, We all have to come to Terms with pass and make a better Tomorrow in order to Grow our Feature in America and Understand our Next Step in America..

This goal is meant to move the understanding forward motion in America and advancing new program of Life in United Station and introduce real Common Sense in the building blocks of America Policy’s. Our biggest Door is proving the America is Endless bank to other Countries and it our time to introduce a table of Communication and bring real Clear focus to the Issues we all are facing in America.

Tags these issues witch we all can agree and give our proactive voice and be real about Life in America and across America. We can’t dismiss the America Dreams and have open America and disband ice Police or part of our Justice because that is Our foundation of America Justice systems.

Tags the key of America and bring Common Sense to the Source of America Life.

Let be America And have truth about people who roll the seeds of disrespect and let put America First like Donald Trumps is doing and give the people of America and open door of Talking and Peaceful assistant cause the protest are just sign of the Demarcates shitting on America Values..

Key of true America Production is when every day people stand up for the core of America. And we need women’s to come in with Cores issues express in Open Focus Group and Present their issues like Adults and not Children out of 2nd grade that include men.

😪Truth about this Question😥

So there is a certain amount of questions that I can Overlook there’s a reasonable amount of stupidity that I can just not see but this question made me so freaking mad when I read this question made me think of all the things that is going on in the world and to post this question and ask it is just like another stab in the heart at people women men in general.

The Orthodox to this question is basically to say that force is not acceptable this is not a question of if it’s rape or not it’s not acceptable at all to force your wife or anybody to have personal intimate sexual relations with you is not acceptable and at the point where this question even becomes a yes or no question the question is yes it is right and no it is not acceptable there is no type of question like this out there until I saw this question posed to me post on Facebook to reiterate stupidity.

There is a level of understanding that comes with a relationship there are levels that come with being who you are but this question in its form general statement or not is not an is not even a question any type of forceful relations sexual or otherwise is not acceptable in my hand book and if I ever hurt somebody pose this question to me on the street I look in them say what kind of question is that are you that freaking stupid

So measure of morality measure care measure out respect and once you measure all those things out this is what you should have it should be a simple yes there should be no question and for those of you who said no on this other page I am the I am deeply deeply troubled by that answer. Out of all kindness out of all respect if somebody can say no to this question I am trouble by their answer and it makes me ask the question why would you say no when you know that it’s yes when you know from your point of view that any type of forceful and counter is it Act of rape. Y4 not girlfriend or not it is not acceptable and it doesn’t matter what you say the answer is yes it is rape

So you piss Cabool answer and defined by this statement this is Brandon’s point of view I want to thank you for reading and enjoying it this will be up by Friday on my blog and run along with this picture thank you everybody on Facebook and social media welcome to Brandon point of view.😠

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