Birthday Wish 2018

On August 11, 2018 is blogger owner birthday

Im making my wishes for 2018 to 2020 this is why im writing this on this blog and it all for once in a lifetime changing event to start a website business including Entertainment & Advertising online and startup with store after 6 years front line produce that is Promotion on the site and is growing with simple marketing team and build a very reliable Board of Directors including while in it build would consist number item to work on for the website.


Promotion this case the website would have affiliate marketing tools to building the site influence among other wide reach tools. i would estimate the price income of $2,600 to around $2.6 million tool advancing more to product and website network.

Advertising as continue source of income for more media advancement to 3D marketing tools. price right for more input and output on marketing advancement tools. this cost price $56,536 for first 6 months of opening of the website

Television Network: Service of the website would also introduce a mobile app to allow it to get full viewing setup and more to active with membership package with each come more channels.. what i want is super special only this channels but every show you watch would relate to advance marketing tool.

Social Media TV:

This mean we create Free 100s of Channels for Facebook and Twitter and Making show InterActive Social Media Television Active programs to making interactive growth about the first 5 years. This would more income growth the following streamline new business.

i am looking forward to continuous growth must happen for every business in the United States the value you can get is by opening a website that set for total advertising and Marketing and also host one in Year Summer i wanna introducing live Music for summer concert for 2019 and promotion artist and bands to host 3 hour supershow.. im produce idea for next step in the 3 year of the site be setup. Highlight promotion would generating income and revenue going forward

Goal for this to work is come with a price $8,750 this would be perfect for start my new business and the max price it would upward of 10,000 for real start price going forward their would be return in first years on your $10,000 you could see a price 25,550 on a 10,000 over the first year of invest .

Goal for investor would be $5,000 to keep a investor interest in create of network on the website,, i would working toward a $250,000 income over the first year and key for this complete service channels my plan including advertising and promotions and affiliate marketing tools. advantage to create is that i would travel to tv television network to making deal just get their advertising going forward.

Revenue would be first year goal $250,000

Revenue would be second year goal $300,000

and the growth of this would short top goal of $1,000,000 income by 5 years of business

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