Point of View: UNHINGED

How would you describe America it’s question that I’ve been asking it seems like the Democrats and the socialized media Tikes want to say that we’re unhinged and the Democrats are really becoming unhinged a true sign of the times as some of us like to talk about and who they think to describe America is the Pledge of Allegiance and blinded by Justice we Tear Down the Walls and we put these barriers.

And Everclear message that was put out during President Donald Trump’s run to be president is make America great again the social media lights like CNN and MSNBC in all those leftist news want to make a big deal out of something that is untrue and not verified but by a Russian dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and put together by the Russians a fake Outreach of sincerity by Hillary Clinton to take the obstruction of justice that she is proposed out of her email Scandal and all the other things that have happened while she was running to be the United States first ever female president

Hannity said it best when America comes to this unhinged way the Democrats throw a fit and they make a big scene and they are truly going too far when they start taking shots at civilized Americans having dinner Hannity Sean Hannity and all the rest at Fox News have pointed out the truth behind the Democrats unhinged point of view.

The American dream is not dead the Constitution is still very much alive and it seems like the Democrats don’t have that anymore the American Constitution to them is just a fake piece of paper they have used it abused it and Rewritten it so many times in their head that they think that they’re going to win something Maxine Waters the ever tragedy night that she is has been on TV calling impeach 45 Maxine Waters if you have any brains about you I would not be so fast to call in Peach 45 on National Television as you yourself have shown yourself to be a little bit too fast on the draw when you could be in Peach to for your actions and behavior and what you have told regular ordinary citizens to do in the United States

Troglodyte: this is like caveman living except troglodytes which are being Democrats use. Lovato fiery redrick and the term troglodyte is cave people used to live in caves and throw rocks and Spears to kill people and yet we call ourselves Americans when we see this it is evidently wrong and it crucifies everything Jesus stood for in the living will and testament of the Bible.

Are we not civilized American people do we not have a centrifuge of justice and is there not one man woman or child who would de testify what Maxine Waters and Hillary Rodham Clinton have proposed as civilized living and the socialized troglodytes of the world need to shut up and move along home

A tramp is still a tramp no matter how far you walk down the street and in Los Angeles apparently the Democrats rule as stupid because they can’t make Common Sense decisions a troglodyte lives in a cave makes caveman decisions I guess the Democrats and the social media lights of Hollywood have made a caveman decision to throw rocks out our current standing and United States President Donald J Trump

A troglodyte is a cave people that lived in a cave who knew nothing but cave living could not read past a certain grade level and their understanding was limited to what they knew and what they don’t know.

Here’s what I know Sean Hannity Laura Ingraham and many others have shown that there is no limit to what the Democrats or the social media outrage of the left will do to expose Donald Trump for the liar or the cheat that he is although he has followed the Constitution and has stood up for fair and balanced media.

a personal message to CNN’s Acosta you know I don’t know what it is about people who work at CNN they must have the idiot switch on all the time Acosta Jim Acosta a social troglodyte who throws rocks at the Press briefing and expect answers to his outrageous coverage of Donald Trump and the fake media at CNN seems to think this is a solution to a problem and the people of the Maxine Waters era have followed suit by CNN Zone admission and has published 650 fake news stories 7000 hours of just false information pumped into their Newsroom and 18000 people have cut CNN and made Fox News number one and American News Network National Television.

Jim Acosta is claimed that Donald Trump has basically maligned his fake news which it is fake news and threatened him personally with a war on the media but I have not heard or seen or even encountered such comments from Donald Trump Jim Acosta is a liar if Jim Acosta works at CNN anything he says has got to be alive and he went on the air on CNN 5 minutes after press briefing ended and said these exact words

And I quote Jim Acosta it is a word on the media that President Donald J Trump has started according to mr. Acosta in quotes

Mr. Acosta before you reach your boiling point and you start really spewing those fake stories you better check out your partners over at Fox News because they’ve got the real news of the day and the truth is while you sit there and your fancy underwear tied up between your balls and you let your wife carry your real news why don’t you look what’s in front of your face before you go reporting something that’s not real you are troglodyte mr. Acosta you throw rocks at glass houses when you yourself have been caught in your own foul-smelling troglodyte ways.

If you don’t know the term troglodyte you better look it up because that’s what you and every Democrat in the media party seems to be doing right now by throwing rocks at glass houses by having people chased out of restaurants by letting enraged socialized victims take control and post crap all over Facebook I would surrender to mr. Acosta that his lies and fake media do not work with me and Wall of troglodyte he might be he is also the Horsetown dumbass for reporting what he does when he does not report the truth Nortel a honest media story

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