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Hello everybody out there who reads this blog this is like an advancement on what I’m trying to do so I’m going to give you my advance directive in agenda

Advance directive

I’m here because I want to form opinions I want to get people talking I want to meet people I want to do what’s right for the media and for once I’m doing this because it’s right for the media there is no question about love there is no question about respect there’s only question about work and this is my job this is my DirecTV this is my Advanced agenda for the next four years and so I’m putting together a business slowly based around this and what I do to entertain everybody else.

I’m captured by the thought that my professional writing career and my lackadaisical boost of no advertisers is a sign the nobody’s really interested but I’m going to continue to push on because I believe that there is not enough open-minded and fair criticizing people out there who can form an opinion and give a state of you that’s not like every other point of view on the world news.

Often times I’ve been criticized on Facebook for the opening monologue that I just started which is you guys wish to see if you guys are more than welcome to join me and I’ll put the link in the highlight above Words.

YouTube link Full Monologue on Youtube channels Brandon Monologue and I welcome to join me as a new subscriber. So I continued my push forward for the entertainment business and also continue my push forward for new advertisers an opportunity that I take no easy pleasure and I will work my hardest to make sure that every Advertiser is shown and appreciated on my Facebook and all my social media accounts.

I am proud to say that while my blog is growing by likes and numbers and also like to send out my appreciation to every country that has viewed or hit the like button or anything like that this is not my personal blog this is a professional and it talks about everything that I am interested in it’s an itch I will attach my YouTube Channel videos that I’ve done for my point of view and I welcome you all to enjoy them I also want to walk from you all to my new YouTube channel..

The latest point of View:

Personal life:

And no way shape fashion or form would I ever let my personal life overrule my professional life that means that I really do want to professional life and Reporting I really do want to professional life and entertainment I find myself with an honest question entertainment seeks all sorts of shapes and pleasures and yet I have to report on it as an observer.

I’m going to list the top 5 things I’m looking for in the following category

Professional path following forward.

  • Generate Promotion post for Business worldwide
  • Building a website to advance this Blog including live network television partnership
  • Study the art of Pleasure from Music and sexual attraction of women and Men and More
  • Breaking into Public Finger and Entertainment

Personal goal & Bucket list

  1. Finding Friends and having people to hang out with talk about “America Dream”
  2. I want to be able to say I made my first million dollars by age 33 year old.
  3. Take Road To the Wrestlemania with the WWE And give all the True Fan Executive . and I won’t do that by 33 yrs
  4. Find real women who can appreciate goal and Business goal
  5. Opening Modeling and Entertainment store.

Wide my income and resolve with Automate $100,000 income after tax.

This $100,000 and over the next 4 year I look much more advance income and higher number like $1,000,000 income after Tax.

Social media connect

Instagram @bvaughan198759

Facebook page: Brandon Point of View

Twitter: Brandon Vaughan

Youtube Brandon Youtube

So these are all my links to my social media connections including my Facebook page not my personal Facebook my Facebook point of view page I welcome you all to check it out and if you’re interested in becoming a investor in this blog and moving it forward to a website connect with me on all of these social media links if you’re one of these people who like to talk on the phone I totally understand and if you live in the United States you can give me a message and I’ll give you my number and you can call me I look forward to moving my career and my personal life forward thank you and I hope you all enjoy this advancing professional and personal point of view.

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