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Orgasmic Talk

Okay, you may want pay close attention to what I bring to you in this article. I’m really learning too and it gets complicated as I walk through this Point of View

Let me ask you some questions.

What is the Clitoris of Women?

Did you know:

this spot is first super sensitive spot on women body when it comes sexual encounter?

Can you be honest with each other about your love life and if you’ll happy not reaching Peek Orgasm full treasure of bliss in a women life?

Would be happy if you had 2 night of full Bliss of pleasure and ability to have a man give it to you without direction?

The objection of Bliss is in Highly controversial.we will cover that side in my next article.

The pleasure of Clitoris women

How would you describe yourself as a man is none of my Affair but this post is called exactly as it is titled and we’re not going to take a long drawn-out road trip just to come to this conclusion no one when is perfectly satisfied with a half-ass job and that is what some men have performed and scientists still do not have the answers to all the questions about women

But we’re not going to talk about women we’re going to talk about the art of pleasure and how to get her off with a happy Blissful evening between you and her without question.

Should you be ready yes should she feel comfortable yes is this the perfect time to talk about this I don’t know because it’s kind of like a personal subject for some and others don’t have a problem talking about it but the truth is is it no woman is satisfied when only the man is a pleasure they would much rather have both sides pleasure and them as much as you should get off at the same time but if you’re not working to achieve that and you’re only looking to achieve your pleasure then I guess you don’t care because you’re only out there for yourself and that is WRONG

Where do you start?

It starts with respect and when this object of your affection is in view you have been real about those words you share from this moment you will have pure about your love.

Now you must ask what is Clitoris orgasm is possible and with true tender touch, you give true bliss in a minute or two minutes when you feeling the vaginal area.

The location of the clitoris is the point of the vagina. You find when you are massage her legs and her lower stomach. It should provide her instant pleasure when first feel soft touch to give pleasure.

Please take a shower before beginning any physical pleasures

1. Don’t force be a genet and soft pull her vaginal skin and your want slide it slowly towards the belly button.

2. Use light pressure to begin to give her soft pleasure on the vaginal area to proceed slowly with your hand to massage bottom the soft inside of her vagina and when you do this it produces a liquid that is like lubrication to her vagina including making moan lot as work the orgasm.

3 When you come to point of Orgasm you better be ready cause you release a body liquid that gives completion.

Note: It for her to two more times make her feel really completions with Orgasm.

This if you look to completion you go the extras miles cause women always make sure the guy is the completion. ” AS A GUY I SAY WE NEED TO EXTRAS MILES” for the girl is peeking and has Orgasm is in completion bliss.

Pinpoint is the a are of high pleasure if you listen you know when she has reach point in roller coaster of Orgasm cause it takes 1 segment of body and by the motion of there body which is kinda Shakin motion witch mean their full orgasm and for her it can be mind-blowing experience for a women and her body.

This can help you when it comes to making mindblowing orgasm and it just like when reaching of cum inside of her but this like body is nature to orgasm cause is a product of women body full sexual experience for her it completed her to connect to you and create a mild bond that grown as you continues to give total package. That you as her man can only show her.

The vagina is one most special spot for and that where all man needs to remember that is the women body and respect and this night or day you will bond with her and she can be yourself and her being yourself and this where real love is man best friend and Women best friend by just going through this sexual encounter.

” Note Please be responsible and take your time the both of you and also use the opportunity to shower as well.” this goes both of you.”

Morning to come

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