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This quote point of out the inequalities of sexual pleasure with women. But I’m sure of post this will make you ask a question about your male pleasuring you.

Good Sexual Pleasing Orgasm

Good sexual pleasing orgasms come from trusting and the ability to know your woman’s body from head to toe and when you think about it only knowing that woman’s body is good but knowing how to please her is even better.

Let’s start out with the simple things first let’s start out with a full body massage.

A full body massage shorts at the top by her neck and you work your way down and then you slowly begin to work your way back up but in doing that you also have to remember that you’re giving her a body massage so you need some type of oil. Baby oil works great for back and buying it helps to soften up the muscles and help her relax.

Body Point Massage

Up & Lower back soft and sweet Baby oil massage and take your time.

Another spot to take the time out is the inner and outer thigh on her way to help with a body massage.

Now if you’re going to the third spot it would be their feet yes most women have sensitive skin down there and massage it helps him to relax did you know that all your stress runs to both ends of your body from your feet to your hands and that will help her to relax.

Now Wall she’s relaxed there is actually no Golden Rule about this but she would help be helped if foreplay was introduced now out of respect you should ask her if she wants and not just do it.

If you really want to get her going work clitoris and softly massage it. As you softly kiss her.

Remember this is a Lady and she does have feeling and she is in love with you and as such you need to be kind and sweet to please her beautiful and Treasure body.

This our pleasure and Treasure of our life
Women treasure and pleasure this part of their body .
This is the part that men need to pleasure and treasure

It is personally and physically a man’s responsibility to not just get pleasure for himself but it is also the responsibility to give pleasure to his woman or girlfriend.

She has just as much to enjoy from pleasure as Bliss has to enjoy from love making. This is one of those times where it pays to pay attention in sex ed although this is not sex ed this is a personal pleasure article.

This is the female anatomy of the human body and I think it’s important to go over a few things first they have different pleasure sensors in their body and one of them is there clitoris it holds over 8,000 Nerve Ending . for a complete pleasure Center which means that they are able to feel the Undying Love of a perfect connection.

Soon as important to remember that when you pleasure somebody it’s also a necessity to do the same thing for her to pleasure and to love her for what she is and to give her full Climax and full bliss.

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