Exposing a liar a cheat and a thief in a real relationship no love just sex

So for weeks now I have been dealing with a constant problem I’m not going to reveal the faces because I know what’ll happen and I expect it I kind of have gotten used to it the picture should explain a lot because I lost one of my best friends to this and I’m not going to lose anymore I’m tired of her s***.

You want to slander people you want to degrade people you want to disrespect people the two people in this picture have learned all that and so much more and the truth is is it if her boyfriend actually knew what she was doing I think they wouldn’t be together that is why I’m going to open up about everything.

let’s start with the text a real eye-opening text that she sent her friend of mine that got her so much and trouble she doesn’t even know what’s going to.

In the picture below is the text and she admitted that she cheated on me because she didn’t really love me so I guess to be fair I should say that see what true relationship gets you. Truly a cheating denial lying self-serving little b**** like that. So guess what I’m done with the games I’m done with her trying to tell all my friends how she really feels about me when she could tell me to my face I do not care how old you are I do not care how young you are and I do not care if you’re a stupid little line b**** you won’t get anywhere close to what I know about life if you continue to lie to me I don’t play games I don’t give a s*** to anybody I give truth .

Now I’m going to give some truth to this post you all know who she is if you’ve ever been to Barger or you’ve never been into her work you know where she works you know her name she is a selfish egomaniacal person who stands about 4 ft tall has no self respect for anybody and doesn’t give two Hoots about her mom or her brothers.

Now she’s texted my friend and said that they could have sex in her mother’s bed how respectful is that?

Now you want to know something else what really ticks me off she’s dating a guy and she’s doing this behind his back now you won’t be able to see her cell phone because she’ll hide it should delete the messages she’ll do anything and everything to make sure that no other guy sees those messages but the truth is cuz I don’t care because I’m not going to mention her name and I’m not going to give her the credibility but the guy on the right should know the truth and the girl on the left should be left single for the rest of her life if she can’t actually be faithful to him. And the most disturbing part about this whole thing is is it I actually find peace in this there will be a link to her Facebook page posted soon so that way you know her real name and I’m not blowing it for.

Brandon Vaughan

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