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New Point of View by This Blog

so I’m always all about equal opportunity and love and how love can blind the truth from all of us well this week I’m taking it to a whole new level and I’m going to do it by creating a magazine the first issue will be out after the first of the year in 2019 in January so let’s see what kind of points of view I can get put on my magazine.

for the first time ever everybody who watches everybody who reads Everybody who looks at my blog will be able to read it all into a magazine for the first time in my life time I will be publicized into a magazine and I will have a whole bunch of people joining me.

this is an opportunity for women and men to come together to work for an opportune magazine this opportunity that I’m talking about will feature 25 of the most model perfect women to cover the magazine this will give women a chance to speak about how love really makes him feel and what they really want in a us Guys.

I’m not just taking over I’m creating a new generation of media I’m creating a new generation of point of view I’m giving the people what they really should be reading and not half-baked over-exaggerated lies this will offer a point of view that no one has ever seen before and this will do in depth interviews with people.

it also shine a light on topics that really are important to the American people and to the points of view that matter. Everybody point of view matter.

And we’re have more soon

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