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Speaking conspiracy in Democrats

Washington DC: conspiracy in the Democratic party to keep one man from being on the Supreme Court they would do anything this is a special report brought to you by Brandon’s point of view after further research and a lot of questions unanswered I’ve come to the conclusion that the Democrats are out to ruin brick Cavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court and will do anything to make sure of that.

the Democrats are proven once before that they will do anything to keep their spot in the seat of the Supreme Court and a conservative going on the Supreme Court would not be their ideal plan this is proven once again by the Democratic party and its efforts to get a whole bunch of women to testify against rent Cavanaugh’s undyeable record and leave an imprint on him and his family which they have already done.

the public is not in DC so the public can’t see what is going on in the Democratic mine but by evidence shown on TV the Democrats are out to ruin any of Trumps legitament nominations to the Supreme Court and is willing to do anything to make sure that they do not get on the Supreme Court. Brent Kavanaugh eyes come out and categorically deny all of these women’s accusations and Sans up on Thursday to face one of his accusers what she will not be in the room when she testifies but yet his good name is online and these women seem to think that name or not will do anything to keep you off the Supreme Court.

see even more evidence by the Democrats conspiracy theories and the fake news if they seem to promote all the time Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi work together to make sure that anything Donald Trump does is brought down and double negatives but in reality he and many of his fellow Democratic members have been fighting against the machine and mr. Trump has been defending himself at ever turn just like his Supreme Court Justice pic and his family. and this is why I say that the Democrats are the conspiracy theorists of Washington DC cuz they would do anything to make sure the Donald Trump doesn’t have a successful Supreme Court pick. and the proof is in the pudding the line Chuck Schumer and the other cluding Nancy Pelosi would do anything to make sure that Brent Kavanaugh a man who worked under President Bush 43 and a man who served his country for all these years went to just went to the courts became a judge hired female employees and all of this as he is appointed to the highest court in the land and yet there is like Scandal actor conspiracy after scandal with him all because the Democrats don’t want to see a conservative Justice on the Supreme Court.

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum sat down with the Cavanaugh family and did a one-on-one interview where Kavanagh and his wife Dominion set there and advocated to say that they knew nothing about it but yet they seem to be the Supreme Court’s in the country he was a part of the Bush 43 White House and yet they and people that don’t like him seem to be contesting his legitimacy to the highest court in the land.

meet the guy who is representing Stormy Daniels meet the guy who has over 10 million dollars in debt and is an attorney for a pornstar who also is the attorney for the third person to come out against Kavanagh and claim sexual misconduct.

Michael avenatti is a career politician trying to make a name for himself and the public light so he teams up with all these women who are probably democratically politically inclined to do something like this and is claiming false narratives across many different boards but the real question that I have is why is it Democrats using Michael avenatti as a cover man for what they know to be a total conspiracy theory and DC. two out of the three I can’t believe because you know I really find it hard to think that these women would be coming out unless they were getting paid some big money to really do a number on Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. so this is the conspiracy as you see it now the more the names drop the more the people become more where these names are dropping like flies and you’ve just met the three heads of a two-headed jackass that is trying to take down destroy the Trump Legacy.

Donald Trump is held every one of his campaign promises and yet and yet the Democrats don’t see it Obama comes out on national television and claims that he got those numbers to but yet we never saw those numbers when he was in office we see those numbers with the Republicans conservative party run by Donald Trump more people are back to work more African-Americans are not on unemployment or food stamps because they are able to work more women are working at the same rate as men and it is higher for him because they have found more jobs yet these same Democrats seem to be forfeiting everything that Trump is doing by saying they got the numbers to but tell me something how could they get the numbers when Trump took office almost 2 years ago and he he’s done more for the people than any Democrat in one year. and Obama talks about how he got those numbers and he didn’t I didn’t see the GDP at 4.1% the ggp never get one over 2% of national growth and Obama’s claiming that he got those numbers where was the GDP when a President Obama was in the office where was the GDP when Hillary Clinton was working right alongside him where was our military where was defeating Isis when they were in office sorry you guys you’re all a bunch of lying liberals who can’t see two feet in front of their nose.

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