How is it in government

so by comparison in government it is all a bunch of overhyped underachieving smart Alex who work way too hard for way too little who have no common sense and prefer the age of lies and lies and lies.

Miss Maxine Waters she is like Mazie hirono in Reverse from California accept California has nothing to do with Hawaii but miss hirono has told all old white men to shut up making targets out of a race of people who done nothing to them since I don’t know when 19 what oh six this is a kind of political Politics the Democrats in the far-left and yet people still support extremist and what have they done for us?

see they’re all a bunch of fakes they’re all a bunch of conspiracy theory Democrats who want to spread lies and deception across the u.s. so that way we go to war with the average American that way we start a war with the people of the United States and their she care?

does any Lower Burrell that lives in California and New York really care about the average American citizen or Oregon is in the answer is no any Democratic liberal will tell you that they want us all to be dead any Democratic liberal would tell us that socialism is a great cure for billion dollar people and that the average American father and mother should know more than $126, 551.18. that’s what they expect for every family in America on socialism now the billionaires and millionaires of the country would be safe cuz they have millions of dollars but their taxes are outrageously high they take 50% of a million The Heirs taxes and just one lump sum so he’s not a millionaire by the time you’re done he’s a hundred thousandaire. don’t be fooled by liberal Democrats and don’t be fooled by the extremist media their misconceptions the lies their peroneus conversation is not worth the paper that it’s printed on and yet Obama stands in a room full of people and can lie to them to their face a little piece of advice you guys you want to be believable don’t lie to us in the first 8 years of Obama.

so Democrats liberals extremists on the left and antifa I have a message for you.

President Kennedy’s Kennedy is already dead and your dumb face is on television or just a pain in my ass and I’m willing to expose you for what you are cuz you’re an extremist group that should never be out allowed on the street for one thing and going into a restaurant for conservatives is a extremist move dangerously unprotected and any extremist it wants to survive in this world needs to get caught up with

hello my name is Brandon I’m 31 years old I’m a single white male and I will never shut up when a woman standing on their political Bandstand has the capability of saying that to all old white men I would love to see her say that to my face because I have a few questions for those who want us to shut up.

has she served in the military has she been on the front lines in Iraq has she done anything to serve the United States of America besides talk big and Carry Out loser stump. I hope you all have a good day because I’m going to start being very honest and very pointed about my subjects thank you and stay tuned for more.

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