City Under Fire Portland antifa

Another statement another city another horrible action performed by our democratic-led government these crazy extremist have now harmed to Senator and I’m going to kill millions of people if the Democrats don’t get a hand on their extremist group

Portland Oregon Oregon found 1859 for the first time in my life I mean to see that certain things are not as bright as they should be and Tifa is like the Nazis of the century they beat they swarm the streets of Portland Oregon.

their actions all the actions of a Mad losing control government that is dark to the law that we have in the United States this is clear by people that disrespect hurts and look to Mame American citizens.

Life is deprived of the human body when violence begins it’s no longer support of love it’s a Bloodsport kills thousands that’s what World War 1 brought about World War 2 was the second it was a blood sport killed or be killed answer 2000 year old war that lasted thousands of years and still to this day we still have no answers.

I don’t care what Nancy Pelosi Dianne Feinstein Maxine Waters are the Hillary Clinton’s of the Worlds how to say I think it is a sad unfortunate turn of events that has led us to this demonic dangerous turning point in our history.

Mazie hirono a Democrat from Hawaii of Japanese descent told all men to shut up. how in the world can women be so vindictive how in the world can women be so evil yet want to date guys.

I say and I say this was a true honest belief I say that the world has changed I also say in the same breathing word I say that the world is deserted the deserters are the ones who are trashed disrespected destroyed this great country of ours and I found peace in destruction of our world.

Democrats would say that I’m talking like an ass and my opinions are not valid but in reality my opinions are valid my opinions of Truth to like my opinion is real.

the destruction of this planet is falling in the Democrats hands cuz they don’t want to see girls they don’t want to see prosperity and they don’t want to have people growing up this is forever known as the war of attrition.

Stay tuned for more

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