America Under Fire via America’s on Democrats

okay people of America I’ve spoke out I speaking up and I ain’t shutting up until we change something I don’t care if your auntie folk your Democrat or even a dirty Washington DC politician I’m not going to shut up until I get some answers and I want to know what in the hell gives Salem Oregon the right to burn Flags our governor has lost total control of this country are Governors are not paying the respect as Democrats to our United States of America and now they’re pain protesters to beat up innocent bystanders.

see we’re having our own little natural disaster here in America and I’m planning to raise money to change it because I’m not going to sit by and just idly watch this happen big business has leaked into our politicians brains and it’s sucking them dry of any Commonwealth of decency politicians like Cory Booker with his all have a Spartacus moments or the stupidity of Dianne Feinstein sitting in a hearing with the nominee by Donald Trump holding a letter saying that she has been sexually assaulted or had sexual misconduct against Donald Trump’s nominee and Dianne Feinstein leaking it to the Press.

where does the intrepidity of the Democrats begin and the stupidity stop I know where it stops it stops when every single conservative American is laying dead at their feet that’s what they want they want conservatism dead they don’t want real jobs they don’t want real employment they want people to be begging at their doorstep for More Money More income and they want to Rob Us blind.

the flag burning above has happened here in Oregon it has been on the news videos of It Go crossed Fox News all the time and yet you don’t get to hear about it on these other news networks because it’s not important enough they would much rather desecrate our constitutional rights and totally be deny us the truth and lie to us like the governor of Oregon namely Kate Brown

meet the local politician of Salem Oregon the capital of Oregon her name is Kate Brown she lives in the governor’s mansion now I shouldn’t be telling anybody anything but I really can’t tell you that she is a lot worse and these jackasses of no fight they have no will they have no understanding and they have no common sense.

how can we dignify everything that the Democrats have done the more they get bad news the more they continue to hurt my name and try to run people over.

see what’s happening here in America is called a uncivilized Constitution that’s what the Democrats presented to us by Hillary Clinton her actions just like all Democrats after leaving office have left a lot to question yet she is not controversially charged with treason she’s allowed to walk freely she has no worries about ever being charged with anything and if she ever does she’ll just have him killed not to tell anybody. see the truth of the matter is is it as America is turning around the Democrats don’t like it they’re losing what they had but the truth is is we didn’t lose anything we gain something.

we gained conservative jobs we’ve gained a real lifestyle people out spending money Social Security is actually getting what it’s worth and now these Democrats want to shut it down and want to take back everything that they have put out they want America to be the poorest country in the world and they want socialism to rule which means you have to beg and plead with your doctors and your providers and your grocery bills just to make ends meet.

But I’m looking at raising $1000000 to send me and 20 other people to Washington DC to send a message a message of conservative real Justice a message there will be heard by everybody with a proposal $1000000 this proposal means that people all over the world will see what happens when I sit down with the government when I sit down with people and have an actual conversation about real clear conversations that need to be had it is time that Democrats stop pushing the conservative group around stop pushing the Republicans around and we take a stand on the rights and liberties we have. we have a right to express ourselves we have the Liberty to speak out against Injustice and that is exactly what the Democrats are promoting Injustice and America and an uncivilized manner of treating the conservative Republicans like trash on a doorstep is not going to be a continuing job threat.

More to Come.

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