Trusting Pray and Love in Pittsburgh

As of Saturday we’ve learned that 17 people have been either injured or died and some are in critical condition and a Pennsylvania Hospital. The sad truth is it’s not Trump’s fault it’s not anybody’s fault but the people who have caused civil unrest Across America people like Hillary Clinton Cory Booker Maxine Waters and so many more.

It’s not a controversy it’s reality it’s not a reality for millions of people it’s a reality for America if we continue to allow the Democrats to soak disaccord Across America we are showing the signs of a weakened America we are falling prey to the Democratic scares and fake media politics.

From shootings in Pittsburgh to bomb threats in the mail to the caravana people headed for America it is time we stand together in unity and stop this crazy outlandish action of liberal thinking. It’s these liberals who have discredited Dishonored and disobeyed a faithful tradition as such as the Constitution who disgrace the laws the Liberties and the justice that we held so proudly across to America.

If not for the Liberty then for the Justice it is time people start looking at this as a criminal matter these actions are actions of people who are demented who have heard these so-called Democrats make disaccord Across America and make it a part of their redrick their fiery heated conversation that they produce is nothing more than threats on American civil liberties.

People like Dianne Feinstein Cory Booker Hillary Clinton and so many more who seem to make it so clear how much they do not like Trump but have the easiest way of blaming Trump for mistakes that they have made. The actions of One Lunatic cringed Democratic party versus the actions of one constitutionalist as Donald Trump.

You know these people these are the people who create all this media buzz you think is real but in reality what’s real is the top five topics they aren’t talking about.

1 United States Border Protection

Nearly 14,000 men women and children are headed this way from Guatemala Mexico and other parts South of the Border that have convictions or known gang members running with him this Caravan of lunatics is head this way under the pretenses that they will get into America by any means necessary

2 fair and balanced taxation

Well the Democrats still don’t understand it fair and balanced taxation technique they do understand that they want their curls back in 2019 leading into 2020 as many Americans are getting back on their feet and some are seeing great results from Trump’s tax breaks the leftist far-left too far to know how far to left have taken on a new ploy to damage or even try to destroy the Trump era tax winning numbers.

3, prescription drug costs & medical coverage for All America

Well the Democrats are condemning Donald Trump’s ideas the Republicans and many of people across America are winning better than before and now he’s going to work on the Medicare he’s going to work on what matters most slowing the cost of medical and lowering the cost of prescription drugs making it a fair and balanced conversation across the board it is time that the American people realize that the Democrats want to destroy America not put America back in first. As so many have often said that the Medicare and Medicaid is so high that it is scary to think that it cost too much to take care of yourself now on these current medical prices.

But Trump is trying to fight for a fair and fare cost Medical plants across the board and taking care of pre-existing conditions included in his plan this means that the American people need to see the truth this means that the American people know the truth about these big drug companies that they don’t want you to know because they’ve been hiding it so well under the Democrats eyes.

4, ratification of jobs and employment in America

Well the Democrats have no cares or worries about their jobs in the American government people out there in the real world realize it jobs are important and that cash flow is not an unlimited budget but the American people see that Trump is trying to create a fair and balanced work environment bringing jobs to America making American number one in skills and prosperity and making vocational schools more available to people who want to do these jobs high demand and very well paid jobs or water and pour it into America and its continuous consumer grows across the world.

5, closing loopholes across the Constitution

Trump for the first time is taking on the serious talk of closing loopholes in our constitution to do not protect the American people but the illegals the people who want to do stuff the wrong way but can do stuff the right way without these loopholes the justice system a broken piece of American History the Constitution which is always stood for greatness and liberty and justice for all and the blindfold over lady Liberty.

Our ignorance will be our undoing Odyssey will be our fair and if we do not vote Republican are dumb or stupidity will be our downfall this is a winning America anybody who believes that jobs equal rights and self-awareness is more important then pity it is time to vote Republican we cannot pity the Democrats anymore we cannot pity their stupidity or their unconstitutional ways we need to become a real America.

It is time for Americans to realize that the justice system is broken and it is time for Americans to also realize the Trump is trying to fix a lot of things Trump is also trying to make peace with our foreign allies Trump success is numbered from 1 to 100 cuz he has completed a hundred things and no other president has ever done before 4 years. A perfect dichotomy I can perfect economy and a perfect Constitution would be better for America it is time to stand together as one and vote red instead of blue and kick these Democrats who don’t want to follow the Constitution out of office.

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