Democrats: Blame Game

This is another opportunity for the Dems they get stupid and play the blame game
A Jewish synagogue and has a horrifying wake-up call.
mr. Brower will probably face the most devastating news of all as he will probably be the first man to have the death penalty enrolled on him

see part of the problem with this whole picture is it these are becoming common scenes as the Democrats start to use the fiery heated rhetoric on the campaign tour and they’re blasted across the page of the New York Times and then supported by CNN and MSNBC and the Communists seem to run like wildfire through the media

Symbolism fact fiction fake redrick Hillary Clinton Cory Booker and CNN pipe bomb

within a week the New York City Police the Florida and the FBI all had the man Willow in custody for mailing all those pipe bombs to those political heads of state now the Dems might like to blame Trump but Trump was appalled by the actions of one man I don’t care to give his name so the picture will do the Justice this man and people like him or an extremist out of control group of people who have been created by the Democrats own fiery commentary

Domestic inside terrorism in the United States by an American citizen

ladies and gentlemen I would offer you a piece of advice that might work for you when you’re stating truth remember truth is Stranger Than a lie that goes for CNN as well see they’ve lied to the American people so I’m going to set the facts straight here now.

Let’s meet the Trump family

let’s start with Donald Trump our president of the United States a man of great Antiquity a man that has Integrity up trees eyeballs the man who stood on pretty high morals and he asked me this man has had much success he’s a billionaire like all other billionaires he knows a lot of people these people know a lot of people names like Vince McMahon come to mine that’s where he got his small business secretary.

Well everybody’s playing the blame game I’m going to play the get the story straight game I’m going to tell you a little bit about Donald Trump his interior interviews in the past have proven to be very insightful buy a reasonable report in this I will tell you a lot about him.

he’s a man he’s not shy to stand up for himself and when he feels like he’s being backed into a corner or is worth to being changed on him he takes it to the source The Source being the fake media Outlets like CNN like Jim Acosta this has been his Mo since the beginning his Mo to defend himself no less mr. Donald Trump is an honorable successful businessman who stands with the entrepreneurs of America and builds a company from the ground up.

His family consist of a big group these people are partly Jewish and partly Christian and there’s a much more deep upside to this but the real question the real Antiquity of this whole thing is fun out the fact the man that we are taking shots at the man we are humbling to her feet and trying to blame for all the things that have been happening in America is not helping.

if the truth was to be told Donald J Trump the United States president that fought for equal rights for fair trade and made a fight for fair taxation the common sense no-nonsense president of the current decade the 45th president of the United States and the man who goes out to Rally’s and sells out and just a matter of minutes he sells out he gets overbooked and he makes an impact he speaks the truth while CNN MSNBC see fake lies that’s their problem not his.

the media is taking shots at Barron Trump little boy and many more like Melania these are ignorant people who take shots at little kids because of the separation of the Border when the truth should be told that the separation of the Border started doing the Obama Administration not the Trump Administration so shame on them shame on the lies of CNN shame on the lies of MSNBC and shame on every person who’s ever doubted that can duction of law and the criticism of Liberty.

I would Define a character of Donald Trump’s stature to be honorable successful and most definitely a Hall of Fame business career he has built real estate he is built TV shows he’s been on some of the greatest TV shows on television today he’s had his opportunities built to him he’s not taking any opportunity that he is not earned he’s building his company he’s built and on that we should respect him.Trump has made his life about his family and his show The Apprentice made him successful his travel made him also very successful as he owns multiple golf courses internationally and locally in Florida these are Pinnacles of his success but his greatest success sits in New York City his Tower the Trump Empire has been run from those Towers since his father passed away this man has built his success on the back of his father his father was a very successful entrepreneur.and when you the media when you the trash talkers take cheap unprovoked the shots at a American president you show that the constitution means nothing to you or anybody who is living the rules of the Constitution.

So so in closing ladies and gentlemen mr. Trump will leave tomorrow morning for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to go down and share his condolences his commentary there’s respect for the men and women who saved multiple lives and who were there to fight the good fight who ran into danger didn’t run away who stood together and arms and protected the people of the church it will be a sad mournful day for the people in Pittsburgh.

so far the latest stories out of Pittsburgh is it to Brothers will be buried tomorrow who had autism and several pair were very sweet kind gentleman and in the media the absence of remorse is shown at CNN but here on this blog on this post I would like to send my love my prayers to the people in Pittsburgh to the synagogue in Pennsburg I would like all of us to take 3 minutes for every woman man and child who was hurt and say a prayer.

ladies and gentlemen stay tuned for more because I’m going to be a lot more blogs coming up

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