upgrade are Coming

Brandon’s point of view entertainment is getting an upgrade on most of its Pages the homepage is getting their prey and so is some of the other stuff.

It’s you read my point of view you realize that I’m a very conservative and open person to conversation I give you my point of view because I’m interested in what my country does I form an opinion around those who formed the opinion and I give you the most honest stable and reliable point of view I can.

so between me you and the fence post you’re probably looking at this offer thinking what can he do with $5,000 want to tell you what I’m going to do.

Will be upgrading the blog to where I can be monetized for income purposes… $160.00 for 2 years

Marketing and Advanced growth into website Development $1,499.99 One Year website service

Promotion and Advertise in the future of Create of YouTube Channel advance to create Shows and Live News Point Shows.

7 Day Advertising and Marketing.. $350.00 for Marketing YouTube and Website Marketing

Happy Halloween everybody my business is off and running I’m looking for more viewers so I’m working on having a business partner and an investor, Stay tuned .

We’re also going to bring you a special look at the bus service in Eugene and around the world and a conversation with a local radio show host on my podcast which will be on here next week.

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