Caravan-Mania In Mexico

The War of Politics Hate Speech by Democrats

Thisthis is what is headed this way there’s four of these Caravans they’re full of people the conversation really has to be had do we protect our borders can we support these people and how long before they get in the United States which start worrying about our families Our lives our independence and where does it hate speech stop and the real life begin

Trump is Protecting United States

the statements made by President Trump or true we have to turn around these Caravans we cannot be scared of what is coming we have to stand up for our rights or Constitution and it is the truth.

this is what CNN Jim Acosta classifies as war on the media with Trump. see he wants sir Sanders to State the outlets that are have the war on the media with Trump and he wants Sarah Sanders to have the guts to characterize these media Outlets. but mr. Acosta if you don’t remember your the ones who lives with salted and verbally harassed Miss Huckabee Sanders while she’s been giving a press briefing.

Here’s another clip from Jim Acosta at CNN. see mr. Acosta you have degenerated yourself to the lowest point of media when you start putting your personal views and Reporting the news you have a costaud your friends you have virtually chastise the United States of America on national television and 15 seconds after you go off the air on a press briefing he come back on CNN and you say there is a war on the winning that press briefing I heard the statement that was made and nothing was said about a war on the media.

see this is what they’re reporting on these news outlets what they’re not telling you is that those for Caravans not just one but for now there’s something wrong with this picture the American people have spoke out against letting all these people come into the United States but people like Hillary Clinton people like Barbara Boxer people like Cory Booker people like the according to what I heard Nancy Pelosi’s of the world have destroyed the American civil liberties and American Constitution. see they believe that we should have open borders but how can we have open borders when cops are being killed by these people who come into our country who do not have a reason to be here and for any legitimate reason they’ve lost it because they decided to go on a mad spree and take-out police hurt use hate to dignify themselves in the eyes of people.

Breaking: Robert Bowers 44 counts

This man was a part of the shooting in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania synagogue.this is what the Democrats are blaming on Trump but as I see it they hate and the rhetoric that they’ve been using as Democrats is to blame. it is unfair and also very hateful the way they have been downgrading our United States President he is made every achievement to please the American people and when the Democrats go on national television and chastise our president internationally and locally it becomes an issue that needs to be looked at. Donald Trump a very successful businessman and a very successful entrepreneur and he is also now a very very successful United States president.his success is due to his open-mindedness and his conversationalist and his reach across the board to try and solve some of these many issues in the United States. the term Promises Kept and promises made is a very well used term because he’s kept all of his promises mr. Trump is not broken or one the only thing that’s been broken is the Democratic party which is showing a very unhealthy side of itself. people want to talk about hate why don’t you watch what Nancy Pelosi says on the late night shows why don’t you watch what all these other people say on these late-night shows it’s in the government and what they do when they say it.

Hate rhetoric in America

the hate in America stems for Democratic colleagues who don’t care about American Revolution.they sent us into eight years of very hard times the American people paid very highly for the Democrats Miss spendings. well they talk about hate speech in America and a heated rhetoric on CNN I suggest they take a look at what I’m about to talk about.

number one I find it very dishonest and disloyal of these media Outlets putting out fake news that’s not even true if it wasn’t for Twitter people like me and the Millennials are the future would not know the truth about what’s behind this boiling rhetoric coming out of the Democrats mouth.

number to do we take a caravan full of illegal immigrants who have not even tried to apply for a Visa to the United States or much less a passport to immigration they’re on their way here right now and what are the Democrats doing. they’re sitting on their pretty little thumbs sucking each other self not giving a damn what happens to America cuz when they get back in the truth is impeach 45 will be on and that’s right on a Maxine Waters mouth.

number three if the Democrats want to survive this election they need to think about focusing on the same track as the president cuz they’re going to lose their going to lose so badly that when they get done Chuck Schumer is going to look like their daddy out of hell.

now I do not deploy neither would I ever insist on hate speech but if the Democrats can use it to get pipe bombs in the mail to have a Jewish synagogue shut up then where does it stop where does the truth come out in the Democratic talking points.

a key point of contention which I might add a very hot point of rhetoric is that the Democrats don’t give a damn about America cuz they want to destroy it they want to let the borders be open they want to take away ice they want to take away our policing they want to shut down any form of policing that keeps American civil liberties at Bay and keeps control of these criminals who are doing these illegal actions in America.if they want to deal with violence they should get on a plane and fly to Guatemala they should get out of plane and fly to Mexico’s border and see what’s going on there they should get on a plane and go into Mexico and go to its bordering countries and see what is so bad about why we don’t want these people this Caravans headed this way why we want them to turn around.

did you know that the average housing for illegal immigrants in this country equals out to be a whole year to get a new one point three million dollar housing bill which the American people have to fit once they come into this country.Obama gave each illegal immigrant almost $5,000 to start a life in America and out of that several people were hurt a police officer was shot to death by illegal immigrant and all that immigrant did was smile while he was in the courtroom remember that one.

Remember this guy remember what he did and remember that smile after the judge read him his rights and how serious and is become when we have illegals in this country.

Sacramento California illegal immigrant

So this is the video above in the blue I would be very worried about this Caravan after seeing this video you really have to think is it worth letting all these immigrants into the country knowing that one immigrant killed a county sheriff in California and Sacramento and what is the cost to housing almost 1500 people in America with for Caravans going on their way here closer to 4000.

do we honestly believe that America is safe no not if we like Democrats if we like Democrats were flushing everything we believe down the tube and nothing and America will be safe ever again as long as Democrats keep destroying the American Constitution

but I will tell you something and I will be very honest hate speech any kind of hate speech whether it’s a racial or religious or whatever it is not acceptable in America it is not acceptable to happen anywhere and it is not acceptable by or Democratic colleagues in DC who have this unprepossessing urge to just say whatever comes out of their mouth and then Eric Holder the former head of the justice department says kick them when they’re down or Hillary Clinton’s commentary.

so well I guess Purge the hate I would also like to recommend that we as American people protect ourselves and allow President Donald J Trump to do the job that he’s been elected to do and that is put America First and Democrats last.

Note: that last post about that cop killer it was a Sacramento County Daniel Oliver who was killed by Luis bracamontes.

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