Designate by need of Pleasure

Pitch yourself to the one you appreciate the Most.

If you’re imagination can stand up to beautiful women then your love will support a future in America pleasure

Feeling sexually desire

See you know a women body.In desire you’re learning their fellow point of the body. And in some way her body will feeling emotionally driven to Sexually building project lines of her body .

You can be lovable insight to Romeo to her Julie.

1. Cuddle is term use to be with women who support during movie and some music.

there’s a combination that goes with all women and it’s called their sizes..A little secret though don’t go trying to guess a woman’s size stick to what you know.

see I have a dream girl in mind and I know her sizes and they are on this chart but I’m not going to disrespect all women by telling all of you what that is..true love is a passion true love is a fire that burns and all of us true love sets the terms what can be called a relationship. A true Factor this love is how you present yourself to the woman. And how the woman presents herself to you.see at a point which everybody reaches there is a love that burns hot for guys and there’s a love that burns hot for the woman of your life. but when you’re working together to build a romance to build a family that love has to be superheated to get you through the hard times.

there is the Friendship aspect which you begin to realize after a while that you build up to that point you install that urge of understanding and respect and you put to use. The Familiar sounds of honest man will always be honest to the end a honest woman will also be just as honest to the end.

but the truest test to this whole thing is the night that they decide to spend that time together that is where the truest test becomes a reality check for both sides.

check one are you comfortable cuddling with him during the night and is he comfortable with you as well

check two does the music that you imagine sound off when you’re around him and does the same music sound off for him when he’s around you

Check three once you hit that point once you come to that moment will you be honest and not laugh when you undress in front of each other or were you lie and laugh at each other.

True compassion it comes from the heart seeing each other naked is a familiarity what you have to adapt to sing because you’re sharing love your sharing a bond of two bodies into one you’re also building a connection with her and she is building a connection with you. See beyond on the jeans the shirt the bra and the panties and the socks and shoes there’s a woman underneath there that is yearning to get out.

Call an Old Faithful call learning cuz we on that man with those socks the underwear the pants the shirt and the smile there’s a man in there who is very faithful to what you want to see he’s going to show you love romance a yearning for you just as much as you urine for him.

A palace of intrigue a mystery beyond the blankets a tower on top of the Moon where the night goes is not so much the question it’s how the night starts that’s a question.

Foggy but clear light but a little bit Shady a mystery beyond the T-shirt the pants blue jeans the tank top and all the other pieces of clothing you have on your on underneath your regular dress. This at the satin red dress that you bought for him to see you in or the blue jeans and the high top hat and the t-shirt that you wear to impress him.him and his baseball cap t-shirt blue jeans tour in the middle and a little piece of dirt on his boot as he wears cowboy boots. saddles in his eye is a woman of his dreams saddled in the woman’s eye is man of her dreams.

Forge Gathering Stone they say hottest fire built to the relationship but the highest flame since I’m over the top a dream Romance the magic the romance the music the songs on the radio kind of turned it all around.nine months later and eight hours into labor the woman’s finding out that her love for him is as strong as his love for her they shared a bond a chemical moment. You see a chair well from the guys I you see the tear of Rejoice where well from the woman’s eye as their first born is a daughter and then a son the most solemn happy moment of family.

Can you treasure to believe that just nine months earlier you made love to such a beautiful woman and that is how beautiful she is laying there in the stirrups having your son and your daughter. Ironic isn’t it the love that you guys had created to God’s greatest gifts and they were delivered to you and a medical center.

Heart pumping life-changing moments for you and the woman you love for that night you settled any differences in that room you said you were in this for the Long Haul you saddle the horse you tested it you gave it all you had and at the end of the day you fell in love.. so what’s the daughter’s name the doctor asked her name is Angel what’s the boy’s name his name is Angel conceived in love but also conceived enjoy could it be so sweet and so tender then no one realizes how beautiful those two are both angels and their mom and dad’s eye.

The incredible moment to this whole thing is is it when you hear stories of women fighting breast cancer and they have kids and they have husbands the fight never stops the love goes on and on and on so for this moment from this point forward I want you all to give sitter yourselves the proudest couple out there because you are working through the hardest years of your life yet to come. the biggest outside is it when you reach a certain age you really begin to see how much love there is in your you blend over the fact that your love has carried you all the way through to having two beautiful children or do you desire more of her body as you go along I think there’s a little bit of both in there you blend the fact that you have two beautiful children at the same time you urine for her body to press close to you as she does for you.

Just remember there’s a love out there for everyone and there’s a moment out there for someone very special and opportunity away I know how and expense of life or Forever Dawn these words. ” I believe in miracles and I believe in love from the beginning tell life end”

ladies and gentlemen I’m telling you the truth there’s someone special out there for all of this the story I have told you is no more crazier than the store you’re going to tell yourself when you find mr. Right or mrs. Right.

settle down saddle up and let’s ride because for the first time you have to ride before you can walk and you have to walk before you can ride this horse of life.

Is you ready to rock and roll your horses saddled up and your love is going then look both ways and take the leaf of your life find love to find yourself in a commitment.

stay tuned for more I will have more I promise I’ll even finish the story of how two babies got the name of angel and how the mom dealt with a serious illness just after 2 years after the babies were born we’ll have this and so much more and the truest meaning of fatherhood for this Dad.


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