Break News:Oregon Conservative are cheated by far-left Democrats

Salem, Or: in what could be called the biggest upset in Oregon history it is a fact.

Yep the damn skit the independent vote in luck I did a little bit of research and I found out that any Independents vote your Democratic committee gets those votes.

so Kate Brown is projected to win the Democratic governor Street of Oregon and I happen to find out through reliable sources that she got all the independent votes. I guess I’m a little bit disappointed in our governor able to cheat the system and pick up the Democratic votes in Independence even if they didn’t vote Democratic she took it anyways. I really do hope that Oregon realizes what they’ve done and I really do hope the people who voted Democrat realize what they’ve done..

this is as of 1 a.m. eastern time in New York City and this is what the Republicans have done but still I do not agree nor do I accept the results of the selection here in Oregon.

see I think that the Democrats turn Oregon all across the United States have ripped the American people off and I think it’s time an investigation was launched by the FBI to find out how come the independent votes automatically go to the DNC.

my first three questions are going to be awfully hard to answer cuz I don’t think the Democrats have an answer but here they are.

Is there a fair voting process in Oregon?

do you believe that we should protect the rights of all people in the United States and also protect our borders?

do you believe that the governorship of Oregon is already cited before the voters even get a chance to vot?

I don’t really think that anybody really cares I don’t think the American people really think that the West Coast counts and it’s the truth. cuz they’re already calling the election even before the West Coast vote is even cash so I’m going to say something about this and I’m going to say very bluntly.

I think the East Coast should wait until the West Coast gets its votes and then call the election and I think the East Coast should have their election way later than hours and wait until the West Coast gets their votes in because what is going on is the same thing that went on back in the medieval days. and these Democrats don’t seem to care about the American people cuz if they did they stop having these protests and fighting in the streets.

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