Letter to Santa Claus

Hello Santa Claus

I might be a different type of letter writer but I believe it when you write a letter you have to have it mean something well this means the world to me. inside of me is a lot of hopes and dreams and I’ve been looking to achieve one and have achieved most of them I’ve become independent I’ve become understanding and I’ve made a lot of good and I’ve made some not-so-good decisions. But out of those decisions I have gotten better and stronger in my faith and in how I deal with every situation.

So I’m Writing to the man who’s done a lot for us. And in the season of giving I hope that the right people see this because it’s really going to be an insightful writing.

My wishlist for Christmas And New Year Resolution list

My first wish:

I’m interest meeting Business Partnership with The Intention of Build Business with a Online Website.

Price $30,000 to $45,000 to start up a business. This Website will feature a major networks source of Television And Paid Per View network. it will have Presentation of Building business proposal and Plan

My second Wish

Help my grandmother save my grandmother home in the first 5 years from the reverse mortgage and pay it off and also have the Money and Income to help my grandmother with Home improvement.

My goal 20+ year plan goals

One to Five years

1. completely get my business up and running that will have a website and a complete telemarketing and online marketing advertising promotion centre to get the greatest and entertainment on the website as a feature of a major Network.

2. build a website that is telemarketing and customer base friendly that allows customers to contact advertisers marketing agents and a complete lineup of what the website will be putting together

a board of directors to help operate the day-to-day operations of the website.

in the first 5 years everything that is on this list will happen this website will launch and it will have our board of directors and it will have me as a CEO chief executive officer and owner of this entertainment company which it will be called Brandon point of view entertainment.

3. help get the money up to take the reverse mortgage off my grandparents home. And also work at having an income to support owning a home and helping my mom and dad.

the goal is to help raise the money via a business to help pay off some bills for my grandparents and my mom and dad and also build up my business going forward.

10 to 15 years goals

I’m looking to opening superFan Store while the build continuous revenue I’m looking to be a host of my own Show online website .

Hosting is the major networks show with Online Partnerships and real Media and This mean Brandon’s Point of View Entertainment will a lot of Advancement to bring forward the creative sprinit to the website.

I will bring more soon. .Point of views engaged the community of entrepreneurship

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