Letter Friends and Reader plus Family

Hello friends and family

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all of you. I guess the one thing I had to be thankful for this year’s I was able to hold myself together on the hope and prayer of a lot of things going on. I mean for the first time I have all my bills paid and so for Christmas I need to get celebrate that and for New year’s I’m hopefully going to get celebrate the family coming together although that doesn’t sound too possible right now..

you know I’ve made it a goal to achieve everything I want and I’m making a goal to achieve my next goal so for 2020 and for 2019 I’m looking to launch a Entertainment website and a multi-million-dollar business that will make this very interesting going forward for one thing I know business is about character.

And character is about background how you deceive and how you perceive to get into what you want. I found entertainment to be my background I like to go on and talk on YouTube I’ve done point of view I do my blog I give my opinion.

so I’m going to be posting a few things on here that might get me asking people why but I know why I’m doing and I have a clear head about it see it’s kind of hard to write a business plan for a website when everybody needs a demonstration. I figured that if I can get the website up get it processing through get the promoters get the marketing get the advertising and get the moderation put together not too soon afterwards I’ll be recognized.

but see I’m going to do it the legitimate way I’m going to get a business plan written and I’m going to get a business plan for together but in order to do that I have to have a few things in place.

Gold number one finding somebody that is willing to invest $25,000 in me. With a repayment in 2 years or a year-and-a-half at a little over $50,000 total repayment for Investment.

goal number 2
Finding business partner to work with me to build world class business together and also make income that reinvest into the site and pay bill and be true about business building and More proposals.

Here’s a receipt a sample of what the $50,000 would go for.

$5,000 into Research and Marketing

$15,000 Building and monetization to website building Entertainment and News

$10,000 merchandising and product purchases for selling on Website.

$500 Dollar to YouTube Marketing and Facebook and Twitter include Instagram advertising

$19,500 Re-sale and Promptly marketing advertising service on the website.

so there it is in short order the receipt of what the money would be going for now you may find it boring obsolete not important but I think it is very important that I have the opportunity like everybody else to find that perfect match for business and an income it will help people and also bring entertainment back to what it’s really supposed to be which is entertainment. no political advertisements no line to the people just giving them strictly entertainment and real news connections.

so tell all my family and friends and everybody around the world and Merry Christmas a happy holiday and a happy New year because by 2020 I want to have my own business I want to have and the investment secured and by Christmas of 2019 I want to go to say I did it on my own so I’m looking for a business partner and I’m looking for that one investor who believes in a millennial and is willing to invest in me.

if you get this letter and you find any interesting connect with me and we’ll talk on Facebook on the phone whatever works for doing Business

My one big wishes for Christmas
Brandon Vaughan

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