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Martin Luther King jr.
the man stood on a stump in the middle of Washington DC and said that equality for human Rights was the most important thing and that any type of hate foreign or domestic or right here at home would be a dissension to equal rights.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez
this woman has proven that equal rights don’t matter in her opinion and on many other occasions she is found it very hard to find and even ground to answer questions and these socialists which she is is creating a very high-tech low-income problem. The woman can’t even answer general questions about the world as it sits.

Martin Luther King jr.
he stood on a stage for an hour and a half and answered every person’s questions right there in his speech gave his honest opinion.invalidated himself in front of God and everybody.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez

this woman cannot answer hard questions I am mortally mortified by the way she is handling everything she is going to listen to socialism whether we want it or not this country is not founded on that it was founded on the American dream and the Democrats are slowly depleting all of the American dream.

so by comparison Martin Luther King would have won the presidency he would have been Fair he would have been active in human civil rights he would have done like Trump is doing in some fashion and this woman would have never even been thought to take anywhere in office. I cannot speak highly of Alexandria but I can say that she is a lot of things that she shouldn’t be that she needs to look at and she can’t answer questions about the world stage and about the economy then she’s never had to live on a checkbook or live paycheck-to-paycheck and if she can’t cover the natural disasters of the world then she hasn’t really been paying too much attention to the news.

Partial government shutdown a month and 4 days

now before we go any further into this partial government shutdown I would like to inform all of you that there is some glaring missteps and information by the media.

Trump has offered wall funding at$ 5.1 billion dollars he is also offered up three years of DACA funding for the dreamers in America and if that ain’t enough he is looking at protecting the dock of families that way they have a chance to get citizenship but pelosi and Schumer don’t want that.

now if this is like the most boring thing you’ve ever seen then you know who’s holding up the shutdown it’s Nancy pelosi they’ve been to Puerto Rico for vacation they have tried to travel to other places but Trump held up pelosi like she’s doing to him on the funding she refuses to listen to common Sense.

I guess that’s what you get when you have Democrats who don’t believe that Trump should be president but that’s what y’all should get with a third world third rate Democratic running stupidity in the Congress.

New Look Profile

I’m story about this Picture. But the truth is that pick up amazing announcement for Comments about facial expressions.

And being I’m able to share my facial I welcome you to give feedback.

Announcement this Sunday

WWE takes to Phoenix Chase Field for the first time ever the 31st Royal rumble event will happen and if you sign up this Sunday you’re also get the elimination chamber match for free for new subscribers and after your 30-day free trial you’ll get it all for $9.99 a month.

the Royal rumble this Sunday the men’s and women’s will be competed for 30 women they will compete and Carmela got 30 cuz she won the mixed match challenge.

and in the middle drawer humble our truth will take 30 because he and Carmella both won the mixed match challenge on Facebook watch live every Tuesday after smackdown for the next season.

and if that wasn’t exciting enough you got the newest most amazing best you tag team coming into the Royal rumble against the bar and that would be Sheamus and Cesaro so is Cesaro and Sheamus prove their brute strength on smackdown live then at the Royal rumble Shane McMahon and The Miz will have to prove their brute strength to win the smackdown tag team titles.

for elimination chamber this is going to be amazing for the first time ever and elimination chamber it will be at women’s tag team championship title match. the newly-announced tag team champions from two weeks ago on Monday night raw were the newest raw title belts to be unveiled during a moment of bliss on Monday night raw.

so at elimination chamber on top of everything else The road to WrestleMania the moment headed to WrestleMania and what happens at WrestleMania we have women competing for tag team gold yes with a women will team up and we’ll go up in the chamber and go for tag team supremacy.

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