Pairing The America Dream Act

America Dreams Revive

As we watch the American political Group push the button of Socialism, You have to Wonder if the Far Left and Socialists of America are try hurt the American Dream.

American prosperity

see when you’re living the dream people prosper and business people prosper and jobs they have this prosperity because we’re not like Venezuela we don’t take 70% in taxes 80% of healthcare 90% and everything else and we don’t rip off the fellow Americans we do things the fair and just way.

America Families

Seesee prosperity is new business prosperity is growing the American dream and when we help others we went a lot when we don’t we lose a lot the American dream is a very prosperous very fulfilling feeling of love and business and the families we all support to create these businesses and opportunities.

This what America Dream is And Product of time and Love and Intropective on our life with the families we know and Appreciate.

so when a new business opens we create jobs we create a Financial freedom for another member of our community for a family for people who need the jobs.

and this is what they call opportunity when you have enough Trinity to create a business online or in a home or whatever you want to call it it’s a grand opportunity because of the three milestones and every business that take time.

Seesee the three are above you and the last one is being your own boss cuz if your commitment to making your life better than that commitment will last with you forever every American everybody who lives in America has that entrepreneurial spirit.

and if we allow socialism to take over in the United States that entrepreneurial Spirit Will travel someplace else will lose jobs or higher taxes and will lose money and we won’t have just people living in the street what have people living everywhere in the street so we need to work together we need to bring prosperity back to America and we need to shutdown the killer of the economy socialism.

that’s where the I have a Dream came in do you have a dream and you can dream bigger and better things then you have the spirit of moving forward. Your take opportunity when you can get it and you remember the man who stood in front of Washington and everybody and said the Dream speech Martin Luther King jr. Has a dream of living peacefully together of producing a friendly compatible working environment having relationships not just with yourself but with the other people around you having the love and commitment to understand each other. when you’re working together you’re building it better when you’re working a Part you’re tearing us apart. so let’s work together to build up the American dream and let’s put socialism where it belongs in the trash can.

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