Uncomfortable America


Washington DC: the America we all knew the America we have fought so long and hard for the Constitution we stand by that makes America so great. and is now under fire by the extremist left socialism it is not working for Venezuela and it won’t work in America and if we don’t vote to stop it we vote to fall like Venezuela’s president has. free Medicare for all is not an answer to the problem the answer to the problem is is to work together and build a common sense medical system and actually put the tools that we have to work for us.

Alexandria Ocasio-cortez outrageous Statements of socialism.

not only would a damn America to a life of distress but are also damn everything we fought for business and the entrepreneurship play we all want in America if we allow the Democrats especially this one to stay in office it is a sign that our world will fall and soon he’ll will rise.

Democrats are out to make sure that America goes broke the American people aren’t allowed to have money the American people aren’t allowed to have any sort of entertainment and so they’re going to take it all the way because they want people the American people to lose.

a financial responsibility that was proven by the Obama administration is once again knocking on our back door and if we allow this to continue it is a sign that financial responsibility will no longer be our financial responsibility because the Democrats want free healthcare free schools and how is that all going to work what are you going to do turn everything on its head for business fire doctors, And put everybody in a death line the oldest goes first and they shoot him a sun up?

see America ain’t half as reliable as what people think and if we allow socialism to be a rock garden then we’re going to be very sadly mistaken when all of our grandparents died our moms and dads died because of the panic depression that will happen and the doctors won’t treat us and the Democrats it will sit in the office with all of our money in their laps. it is false bravado and false happiness that the Democrats are promoting. a lie by President Barack Obama back in 2006 that cost the American people a lot of money and also across the medical field a lot of money and good doctors.

so we can’t let socialism be the way to the future if you want to go live in under socialism go live in some of these foreign countries that have it and look at how bad their system of justice how wrong they live and how many people die every year because they have to wait in the line. you won’t lose your doctor was a lie by Obama this is another lie perpetrated by our democratically elected officials and if for 5 minutes people think I’m going to sit by and just let it happen then wrong and they’re going to be sadly disappointed when I come around.

socialism would be the end of the Constitution would be the end of America and with set a hundred years of what we thought for and died for in our fathers of bad luck. we have to draw the line at socialism we cannot let it happen it can’t even be a remote conversation because there is no such thing as free the only thing that’s free us is the way we want to live and the choices we make in life those are free what people are now promoting is not so free.

February 10th in Eugene that will be a march across Eugene all the way throughout Oregon and I’m hoping to promote and I’m going to give a speech and then get every newsradio TV whatever I can to get the message across cuz I ain’t going to let a socialist country, bout to America America cannot survive under that and these Democrats need to hear the conservative real voice.

I will speak out against death I will speak out against socialism and I will speak out against poverty in America. And this has the earmarks of poverty.

see this will throw the America I know into a very uncomfortable situation this is what we created freedom for this is what we got rid of socialism for this what we didn’t want to talk about this is a dark corners of America where these Democrats dig in and they don’t want to let go. the actions the poverty of what they’re proposing is greater than the death toll that will rise if we don’t put a stop to this this is not America the picture above is a picture of America it’s America’s rights dreams possibilities love and acceptance of the future. but we cannot let Kamala Harris Alexandria ocasio-cortez take away our rights as American citizens are choices as American citizens and we have to stand against these people who proposed these extraordinary out of this world outrageous statements.

So stay tuned for more because my March is to bring America back from socialism my March is to make the American dream my March will change or at least get the conversation going about small business about living the dream..

Police under fire

the United States has become more dangerous more lethal for public service officers like our police or FBI our counter-intelligence this is a danger that we all must be ready for. four cops 144 cops total have been killed five more in Dallas and Houston Texas over the weekend this is a danger if there survive it will be lucky but they’re in critical condition one has been released the other four are in critical condition in a Houston hospital. So my speech will continue join me on February 10th in Eugene will start at the Eugene library and Walmart all the way through out the streets of Eugene getting the right act put together getting the right policies in place and proving once again that stupidity is not in America. then when the American people want to put stuff together they work together when Democrats want to be stupid you just let them talk and run their mouth and the American people will work it out.

Don’t give up on the entrepreneurial spirit.

don’t let people tell you you cannot do business in America

Don’t let the American dream died because the Dems want to take away our rights and our opportunities.

and don’t look down the barrel of a gun as our Democratic friends want to create socialism in America it ain’t fair and it is not constitutional.

let’s keep America moving forward let’s do what’s right for the American flag for our families or moms and dads and let’s put a stop to this violence on our police and our public officials let’s put the Democrats in the rearview mirror and let’s make them feel the cold shoulder.

Socialism doesn’t work extreme mounted rage doesn’t work Democrats America will stand strong together and better when we are as one like everybody wants us to be love respect understand all these things because these are what America was built on not socialism.

more to come stay tuned also join me on my social media pages they are on here thank you for reading and stay tuned for more.

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