Breaking News: Murder of Children

Important Death Born Children

What do we come to see 8 or 9-months abortion as murder?

Andrew Cuomo New York Dem who sign a bill. Watch this YouTube Video:
Now legitimately I am pissed off legitimately I think it’s a poor taste the New York Democrat like Andrew Cuomo but signed any kind of Bill they will commit murder on a family.

No I’m one of the ones who believes that quality of life is more important than quality of death and equal rights to extend to women but you need to make those decisions within the first three months of pregnancy or you need to go to term and handled the decision you have to make either adoption or you take care of the child as is!

I don’t know what’s going to happen now I mean after all Andrew Cuomo is a Democrat and he falls right into that socialist selfish picture that they promote and he doesn’t seem to care about life for the liberty of a woman and now the doctors that can push the late-term abortion all the way up to term and I wonder how pro-life people feel about that?

First of all, I would strongly recommend that people who believe in standing up for the rights and Liberties of children come out and say something because this is just another statement to aggravate the Socialist media and they’re taking it so easily it’s not like they care cuz they don’t.

The only ones that have shown any signs of caring about anything has been Fox News they have covered the story they’ve made real statements to the fact that this is wrong and so I have to wonder does CNN MSNBC do they care no because they fall into that socialist Democratic way of not caring and they don’t want to hear it so they don’t want to hear it they don’t want to listen.

I have a question for Cuomo and all these Democrats do you guys truly believe that Justice is served by murdering innocent babies at full term?

An assessment of a truly honest assessment of the incomparable of what the Democrats are doing to this country.
The assessment is made that the Democrats want to kill children just born brought the full term 9 months and the Democrats want to kill off babies in the womb of the mother. Ladies, I know that accidental pregnancy is a tragedy I know that abortion is a choice but at three two to three months you need to make a decision if you want children, not at 9 months. I think that when you talk about abortion it’s murder and we can talk about murder it is what it sounds like it is heartless cold murder to do what people like you and your fellow women are creating as Democrats to kill a baby that is brought to term for 9 months.

They’re barely even formed at 3 to 4 months and yet you choose to wait full term and commit murder on a child. A child that you could have had an abortion on sooner if you chose to so I think it’s a poor choice of decision-making by our Democratic colleagues to do what they do.

Andrew Cuomo is a socialist leftist liberal whose most agreeable action is signing a bill that commits murder on children that allows the family to commit murder and if anybody has any doubts they should call it murder..

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