Excellence Aspect Descriptions

What is?

Love is emotions and physical feeling.

Respect is an ability of morality.

Humanity they have a stronger sense of humanity for men and the love in their hearts is stronger than some and those who really find it interesting share a connection with other sexist.

Emotional that is when they’re most highly physical is when their emotions are aroused either in the sexual sense or the caring sense of the word

Honesty is one of the more powerful things because for women honesty is the greatest generosity and they are very generous with their honesty in all respects of the word

Humble is something also they achieve very well women are very humble about the way they feel and their honesty as before has always been the greatest respect.

Treasure to Pleasure

See women have a temple to treasure it’s their body so when you go to pleasure them they treasure the pleasures that you offer and if you offer one of the greatest pleasures of all they’re going to take one of the greatest treasures of all and love you forever.

I think the rest of the words speak for themselves in a fashion you can always rely on things love honesty and respect. So if we love and we are honest with our women then we should have the greatest treasures the greatest Pleasures the greatest Sensations that there is and for that, we can learn a lot.

See this is the teas that can really set him into going but the love is in their cuz if you really think about it a woman has many great aspects and one of her greatest aspects is her motherly instinct.

But when you put it all together the greatest aspect of all is their body and the way they move it see women are very well-shaped some have the most and some have a lot but at the end of the day it’s how you look at it you love them a lot it’s not the body they look you looking at it’s their heart them mind their body and soul cuz if they can reach you on a deeper level than just what you see in front of you the physical aspects don’t matter it’s how they feel on the inside that matters. You have to be mentally or physically adaptable you just have to be somewhat understandable and exceptional and what you want. What women want is they want a guy who can pleasure them and take them all the way to the Limit no matter what how where when or anything like that.

Wow Factor

I think the wow factor is when you take her to bed and you show her how much you really know about her body it’s not just a matter of you knowing it’s a matter of learning each other’s ins and outs.

The ingenious idea of this whole thing is that you’re going to find that she’s going to have one particular spot it is going to have over 60,000 nerve endings in it and it’s going to turn your head to know what you’re going to do.

Cuz it’s not just about loving you since about you loving her and helping her to feel good about herself to cuz if we’re just working for ourselves then we might as well just start watching a whole bunch of dirty movies and do it that way when you’re with a woman it’s about both of you coming at the same time and showing your satisfaction.

So you’re on that Treasure Trove of pleasure and this is where a man is going to find his best and his worst moments of love cuz together you guys make perfect music now it’s your turn to show her how perfect the music can really be.

Just remember that both of you are looking for the same intensity and desire you both share something very special that’s why you fell in love with him and that’s why he fell in love with you so you both have to have that je ne sais quoi that others wish they had. It’s not just about public feelings is also about private feelings it’s about the conversation it’s about the connection and spouts the love that you share with her.

So don’t let that fall because of the way you are looked at as a human being. Remain true to the love.

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