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Looking for a women

This something new and this blog will have more mystery solved about things. This mean I am giving a women a chance to give true point of view. STAY TUNE FOR MORE.

Check please $210.5 Trillion dollar bill.

our country is falling to pieces if you think medicare-for-all is a good idea it’s not who’s going to foot the bill the millionaires and the billionaires and the people have already paid their taxes are going to pay three times the amount just to cover this new bill that is being really badly written by the Democrats.

I hate to disagree with party but this is ridiculous I remember when free market met real free market and the Democrats had nothing to do with it this new Democratic party is a big joke. joke and that is something that you can take to the bank. there is nothing real about this this is not real this is a totally fabricated put together medicare-for-all thing by the Democrats the hot air flying out of DC’s Democrat caucus is just ridiculous.


are we so blind by what the Democrats are doing their stalling their obstructionist their way of dealing with every situation so far including Nancy pelosi and Chuck Schumer are just more of the Stars tactics that we have become accustomed to buy these democratically lead liars they cheat the country they obstruct Justice and they have no reason to follow the law always. see we’re leaving this country into a death spiral a civil war that’s going to happen between the Democrats and moderate Democrats will happen soon when they go too far off the cliff and they taxation on the millionaires is out of control like Alexandria ocasio-cortez has recommended it will undoubtedly kill the job market on all millionaires.

Handling a passive aggressive

that is one thing that you can say about the Democrats are passive aggressive they deal with things had on when they don’t like something they lie about it when they want to get something they change the rules and what it doesn’t suit their absolution they continue to turn it around and use it against the people of America. see the truth is is it the Democrats for their aggressive nature have fallen short of a few things one there’s more people out there who will stand up for this country and believe that there’s a right and a wrong to doing things and part of it comes from the fact that they are wrong and what they’re doing to this country.

I want to point out some obvious facts police hours are dying border patrol are dying because of the country’s inability to protect itself the whole thing here is is it the Democrats the more they stall the more they waste time the more we see nothing in America because that’s what the Democrats want is nothing.

real change comes from real people real change is when people see what the lies the cheats that are pieocracy that is the Democratic community. it’s no longer a community of Democrats it’s a bunch of people who sit get paid lots of money and pocket the rest for themselves the rip-off artist their struction s and they have no reason to follow up because a lot won’t touch him. But stay tuned for more on this.

so I receive some pretty strongly-worded messages from some people out there who read my last blog and I really want to address those messages.

first one coaching with Katie in Fairmont Virginia Katie you told me that I was on coos about the way I handled dating allow me to remind you that uncouth is what you have right now in Virginia with a racist Democrat like all the others. I’m simply a logical man that is going to tell you the truth and there’s nothing uncouth about the truth.

Next on to a Phil in Vermont, will you said that I was questionably unhonorable and I was dishonest about how to deal with each situation.

and my response to you is feel that everything I wrote in that blog made sense to me at the time and if there is anything just honest about it is the fact that you read and could not see the truth women have a right to have just as much pleasure as you do and for you to question my honesty is like picking up a sword and driving at to somebody’s heart. I will not lie cheat or tell my view or something is not true if another view doesn’t like it that is not my problem I’m only speaking the truth as I see it.

thank you to all of you check out the rest of the stories on my blog and remember I look forward to seeing you next time right here reading my blog liking and sharing your points of view on what you think I’ve said right.

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