True Trump Truth America

Full End to any doubts

The man at the helm of the United States of America Is truly presidential.

I mean you didn’t talk like this on television if you didn’t want to the doubt was all gone but for her it look like it was just a lot of pain.

Socialism Died with Venezuela

Alexandria ocasio-cortez look like everything she done had just died right there in her lap stone-faced no smile and has nothing to be thankful I guess but she was raised in America.

see orcas to Anacortes I told you Venezuela killed socialism and many other countries are going to fall like Venezuela pretty soon if they don’t get it right.

Sean Hannity is right

Washington DC: just minutes after trumps State of the Union this man was right Trump was there to announce the unification of America and his job for the next two years actually 6 years.

he said we need the border and he’s right we need a border wall we need something to hold our country safe and if the Democrats can of Claude for something that is so spectacularly amazing and so appropriate then they’ve got a bigger problem than just Trump.

Building the wall

as you may have noticed we got Texas New Mexico Arizona and California as part of our wall building excursion.

in Arizona you got the Arizona sun which it’s right around a hundred twenty degrees in the summertime and it’s got its own little magnificent way of letting you see the beautiful sights and sounds in to Mexico.

in Texas you got the Texas Eye and got the yellow Rose of Texas. And then you have the border at Texas to Mexico and somehow I just don’t see how the Democrats can call this a manufactured crisis when the truth is the border wall was never can pre completed and there is illegals pouring in by the dozens.

pelosi and Schumer really look like this.

tomorrow morning when pelosi gets out of bed and Chuck Schumer gets up to get dressed he’s probably going to feel about 5in shorter cuz he didn’t stand up at all and he has totally lost it just like Nancy pelosi who had papers in her hand while she was sitting there at the State of the Union I find that rude and disrespectful at all points.

I give Nancy pelosi and all of the Democrats a hundred frowny faces for their actions of just being stupid.

I give mazie hirono at middle finger cuz I just don’t like the way she deals with everything and she’s so cocky about it I would do the same for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

see that’s a problem with people in America today they don’t State their real feelings cuz they’re guarded by the PC police so you know if you want to pee see me you better find a better way to do it cuz I’m going to tell you what that is exactly how I feel about these stupid idiots in DC who don’t understand that America was built on freedom of choice.

A puppet on a string

this was a lady who was picked to respond to the president’s State of the Union and she did like every other Democrat does and she changed her speech to manufacture a lie. but see that’s what Chuck Schumer and Nancy pelosi have done with this Democratic party they have allowed them to lie their ass off and when they get busted they don’t have to answer for it because pelosi and Schumer will defend them.

and the reason I say puppet on a string is because it is a true term when one person can go back out and delegitimize a truth that is known worldwide by every single American who believes in the Constitution and by the fact that if Democrats had any brains in their head they be like the size of a mushroom because they wouldn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground after the State of the Union. I would submit to you you can wear all the white you want your just as crazy as you look and that’s what you should be wearing and a padded cell with a lock and a key that you should never ever see again.

Update : America is Not Venezuela

America will be over if we continue to believe that are ignorant friends in DC do not see the destruction the mayhem in Venezuela what are they going to do order the United States military to kill an American citizen who doesn’t believe in the way they do. it is a democracy which is made America what it is today and if you rip the Constitution up and you take away the democracy you’re killing America that would be the end to America we become like Venezuela China Canada other form countries which have no understanding of medical knowledge. the disappointing part about all this is is it there something that they’re trying to push off on every single American citizen.

Third trimester abortion

see what the Democrats are trying to do now is commit murder on a human life that has been created a third trimester abortion, I really have to wonder where our hearts are going?

if you were to support this kind of action you would be guilty of murder premeditated murder a child is born and we’re going to kill the child because the mother doesn’t want it what kind of sick freak ever thought of the bill like that.

if you believe in Murder then you go right ahead because I will personally push for murder charges against the first doctor that does it because that is murder without question of doubt you would be committing a capital crime and murdering an innocent child. no thought to help that child might feel about you murdering it no socks how another mother might feel about cold premeditated murder but you go right ahead and do that because I think I’m going to find that there’s going to be a lot of people are going to charge doctors with capital crimes of murder.

Meet the third trimester murder

we cannot honestly believe that the Democrats are doing what is good for America when America is never done this bad.

planned Parenthood backing third trimester abortion planned Parenthood putting their name to a bill that would commit murder on a small infant innocent of anything ever he did nothing at all except to be born.

a tragedy which is horrifying to think about but the most horrifying thing is is when you think about it how can you murder and an innocent child a baby boy or baby girl who’s just barely been born and you’re going to commit an abortion on it right there in front of God and everybody.

America and 13% of Americans think it’s legal but I’m with the 81% who think it’s illegal and I think that is a low-class no account way to deal with your problem. that child was conceived out of love care and nurturing of each other and you as a mother cannot do that to your own infant if you must put it up for adoption or let somebody take it who can take care of it don’t let the doctor commit murder in front of you and let it happen just without saying anyting. we can’t do that we cannot have third trimester abortions it’s not acceptable it’s premeditated capital murder.

Free choice Medicare for all.

how would you pay for it the richest people in America would be paying for that because they would shut down every insurance company just to get it going they take away the rights and the American dream just have free Medicare for every single American.

and we talked about liberty and justice and American Dream but this is taking away the American dream and put it in a socialist government that would be the terrorists to America.

I will not support any Democrat who believes in socialist political views I will not support any Republican who believes in socialist political views I will not take part in a socialist hateful highest taxed country like the Democrats want in any way shape or form and I will speak out to my dying day that this is wrong.

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