Truth behind History 💪

Our History is Focus on Black America History

As we observed of Black American history, It very important to analog the historical of foot prints of History.

1929– Martin Luther King was Born in Atlanta to Teacher Alberta King and Baptist Minister Michael Luther King

1944- graduated high school at age 15 entering Morehouse college shortly thereafter

History has away of log the most time point as history is CREATED by the people who live it.

Rosa Parks

Each person must live their life as a model for others.

The statement was made by this Woman on December 5 1955 in Montgomery Alabama Public Transit has 1year 15 days of No riders and Boycott lead to the Arrested development over Rosa Park not willing to give up her seat on the bus. It finally end on December 20 1956 they had reach agreement.

But just like everything not all the people were to tell that story .

Then few year later history was made again exception this was by Martin Luther King Jr march on Washington DC and the story was told that it was hot and muggy outside but on August 28 1963 . Martin Luther King give a eye opening speech millions of people who sit or stand their and watch the sweat roll down the people as Mr King got ready to speak. The history recorded for history . It sound of equality for human life and liberty and Equal opportunities for all of man kind.
April 4, 1968, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Memphis

Finial thought is to all of America “Appreciate the friends and Family freedom it very hard to understand but history speak louder then features.

Cause for one reason or another it truly disgrace when we fight for friends and Family and love of human life.

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