Love is Amazing

Women are Love for Relationship

Sometimes I look at women and ask what can they offer me? Then I answer it with nothing to me. It is actually true about some women.

It really about the truth of many things and so I have to ask the real question is where doesn’t the classic women who believe in speaking in person and now by social media.

See I Don’t Chase women

It about real. And one of the most things I don’t do is chase women. Cause it is come Dangerous for Men.

Solution To the Men and Women

First Step: take time and observe and learn that way you know how to handle a relationship if you’re observing her behavior

Second Step: engage her in passing conversation don’t give her full attention and don’t offer up any information more than what you’re willing to tell her about yourself that she was going to tell you.

Third Step: all Rings leave her asking more don’t leave her with asking less cuz she loses interest it’s better to have said what you had to say short and sweet then long and drawn-out keep it simple and keep it easy because she’ll come back if she’s interested.

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