Love is theme for today

😍Sensors of Love 😍

It probably a very uncomfortable situation with all the difference between people how women and men feeling about things love and Life ❤️

Viewing the property of Love with Common sense

Let start with the ladies of today generation.

Women of today generation is some kind of #MeToo and this make Love very hard without asking 100s of questions.


so allow me to give you guys an orientation of love a composition of a YouTube video and a short conversation afterwards. first of all who reading this Valentine’s day post actually believes that YouTube video could change your tune about romance?. okay maybe that’s a little bit ostentatious but the whole idea is to understand what I’m saying in the fact that today is Valentine’s day I am a single man and I realize that there’s a lot of questionable yet misunderstood romances.

1. UNEXPECTED love Now this one of the modern way of Love

2 I miss You this is the other way around say I love you and how can miss that one special ❤️ love

3. Reason why I love you This is actually true love is reason why and telling truth to the women who really want to know why.

4. The absolution to Life with Love

Is Monitor you output of love and How mention your feelings on love. It a become question of many people conversation. Real Independence truth is In Music and How it look at life and resemblance of love in Truth.

My Top 5 song as you look at Life with Love

1. It Girl by Jason Derulo

Mr, Derulo song this song at Halo Award it share a recognition to Love and Life ❤️

2. Testify to Love by wynonna Judd

It speak to truth of love and What good has Share to 🙏 love . And wenitness to love and testifying to Love.

3 Think about Love By Dolly Parton

This song take on truth behind love and it actually could be really true when you think about love it really is think about love and the ones you love the most.

4 Here A Song for You By Ray Charles

It about shine the truth on love and how love can really affect people and the relationship between a man and A Women.

5. Island in the stream By Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

It true about one thing you are island to each other and you have propsective on how you view your island of love .

My final remarked about Love and Valentine’s Day and we all be best to accept the position of life and Listen each other.

This is what is don’t listen cause of Difference between you and women

Here is real Art of Love and you really have to Proposal a life as art fromation of love as island of your body.

Happy Love Day

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